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A Grand Monday: BMW 518i

Published 24 June 2019

The E34 generation of BMW 5-Series was a wonderful car - handsome, great to drive and beautifully made.

But in a range full of high spec and super-smooth six-cylinder models, the four-cylinder 518i was the poor relation. With 113bhp, it was hardly powerful, nor was it especially refined, with a gruff engine note at high revs not helped by the fact it needed to be worked hard to make progress.

But that doesn’t mean it was a bad car. Far from it, in fact, and compared to other four-cylinder execs on the market at the time, it was still a very nice thing indeed - only the Alfa 164 Twin Spark could give it a run for its money in the enthusiast stakes.

BMW 5-series (4)

The 518i also appealed to the private buyer, meaning there are still a few low-mileage and unmolested examples out there. And that’s what we’ve got here - a late example from the final year of production, with options including four electric windows and wood trim. It comes with a full service history, no MoT horrors in the past and has been with its current owner since 1998. 

BMW 5-series (1)

With that kind of provenance, we reckon £750 is an utter bargain…


expertad    on 4 July 2019

Great cars back in the day.BMW were making the best cars around back then.Had a great 535i sport until some sod nicked it,owned a 525i 1994 for a few years,nearly 200BHP and super smooth and quick with the auto box,leaves my current A4 2.0TDI for dead but uses twice as much fuel.The dealer loaned me a 518i when mine was in for a service,you could virtually climb into the engine bay with it it looked so lost in there,but it was perfectly ok.

Thomas Frampton    on 26 August 2020

Well bought that exact car half a year ago for £1995. About 2 months after this page was written it had a major MOT failure, now it’s almost a year since that mot and it passed with flying colours and passed a bmw service and inspection with no issues!

Edited by Thomas Frampton on 26/08/2020 at 16:47

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