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Electric Mini unveiled at London Classic Car Show

Published 19 February 2019

A British technology company has unveiled the first production electric classic Mini at the London Classic Car Show. The Swind E Classic Mini combines a fully-restored body and bespoke powertrain developed in-house by Swindon Powertrain.

Produced in Wiltshire at the firm’s recently-upgraded facility, the Swind E Classic uses state-of-the-art EV technology to create an individual, nippy, zero-emissions city car with classic character. Under the restored Mini shell, the bespoke 80kw motor (roughly 110bhp) and single transmission ensures responsive and smooth power that can be used without incurring congestion charge fees.

Available to order immediately in either left- or right-hand-drive, the limited production run of 100 cars starts at £79,000 and comes with an unlimited mileage one-year warranty and MOT.

The car can be fully charged in four hours via a Type 2 connector (although fast charging options are available). Swindon Powertrain say a charge is good for 125 miles and the car boasts a regenerative braking system. Performance is nippy, with the EV mini clocking 62mph from standstill in 9.2 seconds and top speed of 80mph.

Swind E Classic Mini (1)

As you’d expect, the battery and EV motor add a bit of weight to the Mini with the car now tipping the scales at 720kg (up 80kg on the starter car). The good news is that because the petrol tank is no longer required, boot space is up 200 litres.

The Mini has also been updated with luxuries such as underfloor heating, heated leather seats and heated front and rear screens – all standard. Options include infotainment and sat-nav, air-con and performance tuning packs.

A spokesman said, ‘To ensure the E Classic Mini can stand up to the rigours of today’s driving, the prototype has completed over 10,000 real world miles alongside thousands of hours of virtual simulations of the bespoke powertrain.

‘Contemporary corrosion protection together with completely new brake and suspension parts ensure Swind’s E Classic Mini is substantially easier to live with than other classics.’

The London Classic Car Show


EverettFromes    on 30 October 2022

It would be great if they would start mass production of such Minis. Now, I see only a few models for videos on YouTube.

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