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A Grand Monday: MG Maestro 2.0 EFi

Published 02 December 2019

Fancy a winter project? How about this? The MG Maestro is one of those cars that you used to see everywhere but now only see once in a blue moon, so this example - a genuine barn find for once - is an interesting restoration prospect. 

The one-owner car has been off the road for at least 15 years as it has never had a computerised MoT, but that also means it has been kept away from salty roads for more than half of its life, and that’s what killed most of the UK’s Maestros.

It’s also a 2.0 EFi - the best one. According to the vendor, the car will need some welding, but it’s obvious from the pictures that it’s nowhere near as bad as the average Maestro, with intact wheelarches and complete sills. It will need carpets, which could prove a challenge, but overall it’s a car with bags of potential and one that’s increasingly rare.

Rover Metro EFi (3)

If you want a bit of a challenge and an Eighties icon at the end of it, off you go


leftfield lenny    on 2 December 2019

My youngest brother had one, he hated it. However, my other brothers and I loved to borrow it. My youngest brother said that to borrow it and hand it back after a burn up or to ferry things in the back was great for us. To maintain it was a different matter for him. It had a appetite for wheel bearings, very poor ergonomics, inaccessible serviceable parts, squeaks and rattles like musicians in full flow playing a song and tracking that drifted out at random. But most spectacular of all, was that he took it back down to bare metal, treated all the rust areas and totally resprayed it. Only for the rust to come back 6 months later! Still, we all loved its hard wearing interior, pace and space. When the rust came back, he sold it to a plumber who used MG Maestro EFI 2.0's as fleet vehicles because he told my brother, they were the only vehicles that could haul all of the plumbers kit that he and his employees carried. He ran it into the ground. R.I.P. C115 JAM.

Edited by leftfield lenny on 04/12/2019 at 17:46

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