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Ferrari Reviews

Enzo Ferrari left Alfa Romeo in 1938 to build his own racing cars. To help finance these he turned to road car production in 1947 with the V12-powered 166. Many still only consider V12 cars to be ‘real’ Ferraris, and they are revered by collectors. Years of domination in F1, sports cars and road-car desirability followed. In 1969 the company joined the Fiat empire, but retained control of its pedigree, rarely even dipping far into Fiat's parts bin.

Enzo stepped down in 1971, retaining influence until his death in 1988, aged 90. The legacy of the company he created remains in safe hands, still racing in F1, and still creating hugely desirable road cars.

Good: Early Ferraris have so much class, and are great to drive with their sweet revving small capacity V12s
Good: Hugely fast compared with the earlier 166-212
Bad: Effectively the same car, with the same handling
Good: A bewildering array of models to choose, ranging from the 2+2 GTE to the Testa Rossa; all brilliant, and all highly desirable
Bad: Some aspects of the specification sheet were already looking outdated compared with rivals from Jaguar and Lamborghini
Good: Beautiful, fast, capable, and perhaps the ultimate sports racing car
Bad: The small matter of costing around £20 million
Good: Very fast, and the first Ferrari road car to feature a five-speed gearbox
Bad: Rare and very expensive
Good: Berlinetta coupe one of the most beautiful cars ever made, both versions engaging and fun to drive
Bad: Spider version didn't look like an all-new car
Good: Fabulously fast, supremely rare
Bad: Almost zero parts commonality with other Ferraris
Good: Hugely powerful and fast, but with excellent road manners
Bad: Styling lacks the purity and beauty of the earlier 250
Good: Powerful and fast, great to drive and relatively good value compared with the older Ferraris
Bad: Overshadowed by the brilliant Daytona
Good: It was the fastest car in the world when new, and still looks amazing today, the definitive classic Ferrari
Bad: Not much, other than they are considered the market bell-weather, rather than the brilliant driver's they are
Good: Like a Daytona, but with a touch less top-end power, and room for the children in the back, hugely underrated and valued
Bad: Great looking, but not beautiful in the way that the Daytona is
Good: Great to drive with beautiful handling, sonorous V6 that loves to rev, and one of the most beautiful cars ever made
Bad: Cramped for tall people
Good: V12 engine works really well with the three-speed automatic, styling is very sharp in a 1970s way
Bad: Relatively low vales (especially for the 400i) combine badly with expensive engine and rebuild costs
Good: Wonderful looks, top-flight performance, one of the defining supercars of the '70s.
Bad: 512 not as appealing as the earlier 365BB
Good: Great handling, 2+2 accommodation, your entry point into classic 1970s Ferrari ownership
Bad: Rust, neglect and cars without history
Good: Gorgeous styling, quick in early carburettor form, quicker as a 328
Bad: Still called the 'Magnum Ferrari' after all these years
Good: Cracking V8 engine, great to drive, near-brilliant in late-3.4-litre form, a good cheap way of finding your way into Ferrari ownership...
Bad: Overshadowed by the 308GTB and GTS, and not as disarmingly attractive
Good: The best looking Group B car ever made, near-200mph performance, excellent specialist support, all of the appeal of the F40, but less in-your-face and appreciably rarer
Bad: Unproven in competition
Good: Flat-12 engine sounds amazing, proper performance, roomy cabin, much better quality than the earlier BB
Bad: Challenging styling still holds it back
Good: Looks like no other car, proper 200mph performance, much easier to maintain than a Porsche 959
Bad: No driver aids and 478bhp make it a drive that's not for the faint-hearted
Good: Lovely V8 engine, improved build quality, chunky styling
Bad: Some criticism of the handling when new, solved by the launch of the GTB in 1993
Good: Good looking, 4-seater front-engined Ferrari. Comparatively cheap way into Ferrari ownership.
Bad: Can be high maintenance.
Good: Very sweet rear-engined Ferrari, ticks all the boxes.
Bad: High maintenance.