Ferrari Dino 206 and 246 (1969 – 1974) Review

Ferrari Dino 206 and 246 (1969 – 1974) At A Glance


+Great to drive with beautiful handling, sonorous V6 that loves to rev, and one of the most beautiful cars ever made

-Cramped for tall people

The 206GT didn't wear a Ferrari badge at all - being sold merely as the Dino (named after Enzo's late son). But of course, everyone called them Ferrari Dinos, no matter what Enzo preferred. Whatever its name, the Dino established a number of firsts for Ferrari - it was the company's first road-going V6, and its first mid-mounted sports car.

In original 2.0-litre form it lacked torque, and a mere 150-or-so were built before Ferrari upgraded the car to 2.4-litres and 195bhp. These later cars were built from steel, with an iron (rather than alloy) engine block, but the quad-cam V6 was now capable of taking the 246 to more than 140mph. 

In 1972, Ferrari extended the appeal of the Dino by offering a targa-roofed variation. As well as the lift-out roof panel, the other big change was deletion of the rear side windows. The Dino was a huge success, taking the fight to the Porsche 911, and set Ferrari on a course of offering 'junior' models, which remains in place to this day.

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Should our son-in-law sell his unreliable 1991 Ferrari Testarossa?

"Our son-in-law has owned a 1991 Ferrari Testarossa for the two years. I would be embarrassed to tell you just how much this car has cost him in repairs and maintenance. I am convinced that this car was a very bad model. It looks gorgeous but the reliability of the car stinks. Can you give me your opinion on this model and should he get rid of it? He is a lover of Ferrari cars and is talking of replacing the Testarossa with a classic Dino. I know the old saying; if you own one of these cars, then you should not mind paying out for it. But there are limits."
Ferraris tend to drop and drop and drop, then bottom out, then start appreciating. The 4,943cc flat 12 Testarossa followed the Berlinetta Boxer and was in production from 1984 to 1991, after which it was updated and renamed firstly 512 TR, then F512 M. They currently tend to sell for between about £40,000 and about £50,000. The people to consult are specialists such as the excellent DK Engineering (, tel: 01923 287687). Dinos are exquisite, but the construction method of small bore square tubing with the panels tack welded to it lends itself to horrific corrosion.
Answered by Honest John
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