Ferrari 365 GTC/4 (1971 – 1973) Review

Ferrari 365 GTC/4 (1971 – 1973) At A Glance


+Like a Daytona, but with a touch less top-end power, and room for the children in the back, hugely underrated and valued

-Great looking, but not beautiful in the way that the Daytona is

Following on three years after the Daytona, the 365GTC/4 was a brilliant car that ended up living in the shadow of its glamorous sister car. Sharing its four-cam V12, though in a slightly lower state, the GTC/4 was sold alongside the Daytona – selling 500 in just 18 months before being dropped. The GTC/4 was a marginal 2+2, but that still made it usefully more practical in daily use. It also benefited from power steering, and hydraulic clutch the GTC/4 (items the Daytona didn't receive), as well as a softer suspension set-up, making it a friendlier drive. 

Although the new body was penned by Pininfarina, it was actually Aldo Brovarone, as opposed to Fioravanti, who was the principal stylist, hence the mote sober looks (he would go on to create the Lancia Gamma Coupe and Peugeot 604 among others). Without doubt, though, the 365 GTC/4 is the thinking man's alternative to the Daytona - because despite being rarer (500 vs 1284 sales for the Daytona), a GTC/4 will cost you about a third. And for that significantly lower outlay, you'll get the same engine (most have been upgraded to Daytona-spec), and supercar styling. All it really lacks is the name.

What does a Ferrari 365 GTC/4 (1971 – 1973) cost?