Ferrari 500 Superfast (1964 – 1966) Review

Ferrari 500 Superfast (1964 – 1966) At A Glance


+Fabulously fast, supremely rare

-Almost zero parts commonality with other Ferraris

A replacement for the 400 Superamerica, the 500 Superfast was unveiled to massive acclaim at the 1964 Geneva Motor Show. Powered by a new 4962cc engine, which was an interesting development of both the Colombo and Lampredi V12s, it generated a phenomenal 400bhp. The chassis was similar to the 330 GT, and after the first 25 500 Superfast cars had been built using the four-speed gearbox from the 400 Superamerica; the five-speed gearbox was introduced. Indeed, some 12 second-series cars, built during 1966, and identifiable only by louvres on the front wings, had the five-speed gearbox.

As befitting the name 500 Superfast, it was capable of over 170mph, and reportedly could exceed 100mph in second gear. The body was a development of the Pininfarina 'Coupé Aerodynamico' seen on the 400 Superamerica, but it was not one of the most successful or coherent designs. Just 37 cars were built in all, which indicated that another Ferrari attempt to break into America had failed. Ferrari had offered lots of luxury options and features fit for wealthy, high-profile customers like actor Peter Sellers, but there were not enough multi-millionaires in the world to buy them.