Ferrari 330 (1964 – 1968) Review

Ferrari 330 (1964 – 1968) At A Glance


+Hugely powerful and fast, but with excellent road manners

-Styling lacks the purity and beauty of the earlier 250

The first 330 hit the market in 1964, when the GT2+2 took over from the 250GTE. The new car was similar to the outgoing one, but mad the advantage of a litre more engine capacity for vastly improved performance. The first 330GT 2+2s came with a quad-headlamp arrangement that met with customer resistance, but the Series II fixed that anomoly - and the market today thanks Ferrari for having done so.

Two years later, the larger 4.0-litre engine was fitted to new coupe and cabriolet models. The 330GTC coupe was the big-seller, although its mix-and-match styling once again failed to impress. Like the 2+2, the GTC was - and is - a fast car, with 300bhp offering up genuine 150mph capability. Continued use of a five-speed rear transaxle meant excellent handling balance.

The open-topped 330GTS was the most interesting (and most valuable today) of the 330 trio. And that's probably down to its styling, which somehow comes across far more convincingly than the other two cars - despite being heavily based on the GTC. Collectors will pay a premium for the coupé, and that difference isn’t all to do with the lack of a roof and low build numbers. The GTS really is that much better looking than the GTC.