Ferrari Dino 308GT4 (1974 – 1980) Review

Ferrari Dino 308GT4 (1974 – 1980) At A Glance


+Great handling, 2+2 accommodation, your entry point into classic 1970s Ferrari ownership

-Rust, neglect and cars without history

The Dino 308GT4 debuted Ferrari's brand new V8 engine, and ended up proving that Dinos were worth of the Prancing Horse badge. It has the rare distinction of being designed by Bertone, making it the first Ferrari for almost 20 years not to be styled by Pininfarina - and it was a clear change in direction, even if it was visually similar to the Lamborghini Urraco - another Bertone effort.

The new V8 engine was effectively two-thirds of a 365’s V12, and proved very effective in terms of power and compactness. 255bhp from 2.9-litres was impressive at launch in 1974. Despite popular opinion, the Dino GT4 was a commercial success, with 2826 cars sold in just seven years. A competent and pleasingly quick car, though still undervalued.