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June 2009

bell boy

The following cars are now confirmed as of 26th june 2009 as being taken in on the scrappage scheme

MG Midget
Jaguar XJ6
Ford Capri
Triumph TR7
Triumph Herald
1989 Bedford Bambi
Bond Equipe
and a Singer Vogue

now say what you want but all these cars had to be taxed and tested so must have at least been better than a pile of rust in someones back yard prior to being given to the local itinerants so you can cut the roses

disgusting these cars are going to be crushed
its our heritage being thrown away and for what? a washing machine type car that will last maybe 8 years before its uneconomic to repair

..... .................................. very annoyed of yorkshire Read more

bell boy

you probably wont believe this commerdriver but the only car ive ever had broken into properly was a capri jps and guess where it was
newcastle football club car park
they damaged the car but failed to steal it due to my ingenious hidden switch
i had forgotten to fit the big spike under the drivers seat that day unfortunately

Rover P6B

I'll start off by suggesting a Rover RWD exec saloon/estate based on the Jaguar XF's Ford DEW98 platform (after all, Rover is now owned by Tata), or using a new aluminium thingummy (ideally an Audi-style spaceframe - much like the incomparable P6) perhaps with some new engines, but definitely with a more blockish styling direction (edgy, stylish - either a reinterpretation of the P6 or a better, less gangsta approach to the Chrysler 300C). The Range Rover 3.6L twin-turbo diesel V8 would be wonderful... the new Jag 5.0L V8, likewise, but please, not a V6 (even though GM had great success with V6s derived from the old Buick-Rover V8). Jag needs to go back to I6s and let Rover at 'em (BMW makes some wonderful straight sixes, so why nobody else?). Also, I think we need some new, smaller V8s - a 3.2L (like the X308-series Jag XJ had) would be nice.

Whatever happens, Rover must not fall back into the trap of front wheel drive or supermini/C-sector hatchbacks. Use the Austin name for that - could we even have a new Austin Maxi to take on the Zafira, but maybe even with RWD?.

Triumph? Could we reuse the Toledo name, or is that well and truly nicked now? Thank you Seat... Bring back the Dolomite, fully redesigned for C21, with some corking free-revving I4s and I6s and other bodystyles (estate, coupé, cabriolet), and a new name. Not keen on another 2000-family saloon, given how poor the original was (and it looked awful beside a Rover P6). And, of course, a new Stag - 6 or 8-cylinder power, a 4-seat+boot GT, with a fixed-head GT version. Some other small sports cars would be good, too - a new Spitfire to take on the MX-5, a TR4 to rival the BMW Z4. Clearly, no separate chassis construction would be used this time round!

Riley? Erm... build BMW 1- and 3-series rivals? A bit more space than in the 1, though. Nice RWD handling that needn't cost too much. Same engines as 'Dolomite'.

You'll have noticed the absence of MG, Wolseley and Morris - I believe that Wolseley is too old-fashioned-sounding a name, Morris too sullied by the Marina/Ital, and all three are now firmly, inextricably, under Chinese control. Alvis, also, because I simply can't make my mind up over anything to do with it. Your suggestions, please. Read more


What do I think?
I don't want to be rude but I am thinking about how someone born in 1990-something can think he knows so much about 1960s and 70s cars. Have you ever driven a car?

Mick Snutz

Bell Boys post got me thinking.

If you had millions to invest and wanted to bring back an old car name from the past, what would it be and what sort of car would you build?

I'd quite like to see Triumph come back with a lightweight sports car to rival Lotus.

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Martin Devon

it could vacuum the roads as it went.

You'll need the treble extension hose for the Devon potholes!

Focus {P}

8.00 Jackie Stewart: The Flying Scot
9.30 Jim Clark: The Quiet Champion
10.30 Graham Hill: Driven
11.30 Cobra Ferrari Wars Read more


I thoroughly enjoyed all four programmes - amazing how much you forget over time...
I thought the Cobra story might have been a bit factually inaccurate when they mentioned Ferrari winning for the last seven years and dominating for three decades; Surely the fifties was all Aston-Martin and Jaguar? Then I realised they were probably talking class-wins, not overall wins.


Sorry for being late to the party, but a glimpse of the recent ?car enthusiasts ?a dying breed?? thread got me thinking.
Considering a period - of less than 10 years - from the late 60s into the early 70s, and merely considering small-medium family cars, there were such models as the:

Alfasud (flat 4)
Austin 1100 (hydrolastic suspension and great packaging)
Citroen GS (air-cooled flat 4 and hydropneumatic suspension)
Daf 66 (continuously-variable automatic transmission via rubber belts)
Fiat 128 (transverse engine with end-on gearbox)
Ford Escort/Cortina (utterly conventional)
Hillman Imp (rear inline engine canted over almost on its side)
Morris Minor/Traveller (from 1948 / part timber-framed)
NSU Ro80 (wankel)
Renault 10, 16, 12 (respectively, engine: rear, behind front axle, ahead of front axle)
Simca 1000 (inline rear engine)
Triumph Herald (separate chassis)
VW Beetle (air-cooled rear flat 4)
Wartburg Knight (3 cylinder 2-stroke)

In the above list - they weren't all good, but BY GUM there was a heck of a range to choose from!!

To think that in 1971 you could have been sitting at home pondering over the brochures trying to decide between a NEW Morris Minor - with no synchromesh on 1st gear, and a Citroen GS with aircooled flat 4, height-adjustable hydropneumatic suspension, and with the C-Matic: a manual shift but no clutch pedal...

Nowadays we're scratching our chin over a Focus or a Ceed. Or possibly just tossing a coin.

Now then, where do you set the anti-skating and recording-level on this ?ere i-pod thing??

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Audi A5 - BMW 3 Series Coupe - very pretty cars as are all Astra
Sports. Plenty of swoopy Italian stuff.

Agreed. They are all handsome cars - but not very practical.
Take the BMW 3 Series Coupe. I wanted a BMW, and I wanted the Coupe, but could not live with the the fact that it only has a boot. (I need to carry stuff around). If it had been a hatchback, then it would have been ideal. A nice wide open space at the back with the seats folded down - perfect for my needs.
So I had to go for the Touring instead. What an ugly beast that is!
It is overkill. I don't need an Estate. A car with just a boot is too small. I need a hatchback, really.

But finding a hatchback that is good looking as well is like trying to find rocking horse droppings! :-(