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March 2009


Anyone else see this on Men & Motors last night? Oh dear oh dear, what an inept production. It promised so much and delivered so little.
One presenter seemed to regard the engine sounds of the cars he was driving as their most important feature. Another managed to talk a lot but say nothing of interest despite driving an Aston Martin DB5 on winding mountain roads in the south of France - this culminated in her having a 'race' with a DBS which seemed to be run at about 50 mph with fast editing used to make it seem quicker. Most of the rest of the hour-long programme was taken up with repeated promotions for what was coming up later.
Like a fool I stuck with it hoping that it would improve. I'll never criticise Top Gear again. Read more


'interesting to see some of the cars towing caravans'

Even more so the motorbike,I wonder if it is legal to tow a caravan with a combo these days.