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April 2009


hi , can anyone help. my 2002 mondeo 2.0l lx tdci has started to judder. mainly in fourht and fith gear. i have changed the fuel filter as i though that may be the problem since it hasnt been changed for ages but the problem still goes on. starts fine runs ok in slow speeds but uphill it splutters a little and the acceleration seems to be poor. no warning lights are coming on. recently i had to refit my back box with a clamp as it fell off wondering if this is causing problem.
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mondeo st 2.2 tdci JH

I don't understand cars at all so you will have probably have checked this but...

My 2.2 TDCI ST Mondeo was doing the same.. The garage thought it was a valve and on these pages that also seemed to be cropping up.

It turns out it was a tear in the Turbo pipe .. No juddering, all power has returned - Back to it's nomal self.

£150 fitted. Much cheaper that the valve.

ex-Triumph man

I know Woolworths have ceased trading. But what has happened to all their old lorries? Are they parked up in a field somewhere or have they been returned to a lease company? Does anyone know? Read more


It is quite expensive to re liver trucks and trailers, so many trailers will stay with old schemes for sometime, and if they are getting near to replacement they won't be touched at all.

Also, many companies now use plain tractor units which gives flexibility, especially if they have various brands under one roof - such as Kingfisher with B&Q and Screwfix. Also holds up the resale value if they buy them or makes leasing cheaper.