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November 2009


Just wondered if those in the backroom with experience of using classic car/limited mileage policies whether they are significantly cheaper than normal insurance companies for all types of driver or is it swings and roundabouts?

I am a late 30s London dweller who hasn't had insurance for 15 years...and not owned a car in that time. So no insurance history whatsoever.

Have been mulling over getting something like a reasonable nick BMW 5 series from early 1990s or similar Merc 260E as a sunday afternoon drive type car as I progress into middle age. something not necessary quick but very smooth and relaxing to drive.

So is it going to be daft to call up a classic car broker as effectively a newbie wanting a limited mileage policy - is the idea that classic car insurance is only cheap if you have an insurance history and regular use of a normal car elsewhere?

I am trying to think of excuses not to get too serious about this growing interest in something old, solid and German. Read more


Classic car policies I've had always insisted on you having the use of another car. The wriggle might be to get a scooter and get that in your name and insured. Scooters can be bought for £300 and insured for about £75, and living in London I'd guess that a scooter as your "main" vehicle would give you a good chance of getting a classic policy.