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Peugeot Reviews

Peugeot is one of the world’s oldest car manufacturers. The company was founded by Armand Peugeot, who built a steam car in 1889 before moving over to Daimler petrol engines two years later. Racers grew Peugeot’s pre-war reputation, along with some adventurous styling, but after WW2 the company’s success was largely built on the production of conservative, well-engineered saloons.

By sticking to tried and trusted engineering, Peugeot gained loyal owners. Ironically, This led to Peugeot taking over a struggling Citroën in the 1974, along with Chrysler Europe in 1978. Theresult was some financial strains, from which the group was rescued by the runaway success of the Peugeot 205, launched in 1983.

Good: Solidly built, simple and rugged mechanicals, good fun to drive, more of a way of life than an old car
Bad: Can rot in the most awkward places, not too strong on the parts supply situation in the UK
Good: Elegant and timeless styling, good to drive and still very capable in modern traffic
Bad: Lacking in image in the UK
Good: Epochal saloon for Peugeot, roomy, strong, rugged, good to drive and immortal, Cabriolet looks stunning
Bad: Almost extinct in the UK
Good: Conservative looks hid a technically advanced package
Bad: Despite being so innovative it's largely ignored in the UK
Good: Surefooted handling, excellent coupe and cabriolet versions
Bad: Rust is an issue, as is its rarity in RHD form
Good: Big, comfortable and extremely stylish in a low-key Euro-chic kind of way
Bad: Near extinct in the UK yet surprisingly common in France
Good: Elegant looking, small and capable saloon, initially offered as a saloon only, sporting S and ZS models great fun to drive, solid and dependable
Bad: 'Suitcase' Douvrin engine wasn't well-liked, noisy drivetrain, rust on early models, lacked the charisma of early supermini rivals such as the Renault 5 and Fiat 127
Good: Big, comfortable and sharp looking
Bad: Most people won't have a clue what it is
Good: Understated, well made, nice to drive, quick in later GT form
Bad: Rust and rarity
Good: Fast and entertaining to drive in Turbo and V6 form, a bit lethargic when powered by diesel, outstanding comfort, eight seats in the Family estate
Bad: Saloons have almost all disappeared, estates have fared better, if you want one be prepared to buy in left-hand drive
Good: The most perfect practical design for a small car ever, diesels economical, GTis huge fun, no rust traps, last well
Bad: Minimalist construction crumples in a crash
Good: Great handling, brilliant styling, excellent performance, a very cool 1980s hot hatchback that everyone's cottoning-on to
Bad: Still some badly repaired examples out there so be alert
Good: Rides and handles very well, diesels were as good as it got when new, GTi 1.9 is sharp and nimble, usefully-sized boot.
Bad: Messy styling, getting very old now and hard to find a good one.
Good: Handles better than the 205GTI
Bad: Doesn't look it - and many cars were destroyed for their parts so that they could save... 205GTIs
Good: Supple ride and composed handling, good looking, estates are practical load-haulers. Very few rust traps in the bodywork, so, though light, they last well.
Bad: Steering is heavy unless power assisted. Cabin trim and seats less robust than the body so often shabby.
Good: Great looks, brilliant handling, superb engine, perhaps one of the best sports saloons of its era
Bad: Nearly extinct in the UK, rust, low values and engine swaps (into 205s) being the cause
Good: Tidy drive with very good handling. Inexpensive to buy and run.
Bad: Offset driving position and narrow driver's footwell. Criticised by owners in satisfaction surveys.
Good: Utterly beautiful looking car with faultless lines. Better to drive than a 406.
Bad: Quality problems. Doors can rust and break where the mirrors fit.
Good: Wonderful blend of ride comfort and handling control for its day. A rewarding drive, and good looking with it.
Bad: Not without niggling mechanical, electrical and build quality problems.

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