Peugeot 405Mi16 (1987 – 1995) Review

Peugeot 405Mi16 (1987 – 1995) At A Glance


+Great looks, brilliant handling, superb engine, perhaps one of the best sports saloons of its era

-Nearly extinct in the UK, rust, low values and engine swaps (into 205s) being the cause

The Peugeot 405Mi16 was the third fast product in as many years to be introduced by its on-form maker - and just like the previous two, it was brilliant. The 16-valve 1.9-litre XU9J4 engine was a volume produced, normally aspirated development of the T16 unit used in Peugeot’s Group B 205 rally car, and which made its debut in the Citroen BX 16 Valve. It was an excellent engine, offering masses of top-end bite and an excellent soundtrack.

As to be expected from Peugeot, the Mi16 possessed the best suspension and steering set-up in its class, and remains a legend to this day – although finding one in good condition is becoming a challenge. Sadly, due to cost, PSA switched to a cast-iron block in the post-1992 models. This heavier engine was also slightly less powerful, but the torque figure was up, giving the model a more useable powerband. Watch out also for the four-wheel drive Mi16x4, which adds a massive amount of all-weather security into this already compelling car. Still a great car to this day.