Peugeot 604 (1975 – 1986) Review

Peugeot 604 (1975 – 1986) At A Glance


+Big, comfortable and sharp looking

-Most people won't have a clue what it is

Although you'd never know it, the Peugeot 604 is actually very closely based on the 504. It uses the older car's side doors with the lightest of modifications, and munch of its centre section, too - rather similar to the way the company spun out the 304 from the 304 - except this time, the styling was completely different.

And looking the 604 today, it’s hard to believe that so few sold in the UK. Its Pininfarina styling looked to all intents and purposes like a four-door Fiat 130 Coupé, and was a design lesson in how to make 1970s angularity look elegant. To drive, it was very sure-footed, while the ride quality was typically Gallic-soft. But it was a commercial failure, not just in the UK, both most export markets – and that means they’re almost impossible to find now.

All petrol models were powered by the PRV V6 engine, either carb-fed or fuel injected, and were quick, if thirsty. The 604 was the first Peugeot to be powered by a turbodiesel (80bhp from 2.3 litres still resulted in lethargic performance), but the choice of the range is a five-speed fuel-injected Ti model, which will cruise all day at the autoroute legal limit without breaking a sweat.