Peugeot 204 (1965 – 1976) Review

Peugeot 204 (1965 – 1976) At A Glance


+Conservative looks hid a technically advanced package

-Despite being so innovative it's largely ignored in the UK

The Peugeot 204 was launched in 1965, and ended up being one of the first truly successful front-wheel drive pioneers in Europe. Rather like BMC's front-wheel drive cars, the new Peugeot had a transmission-in-sump layout for its drivetrain, which gave certain packaging benefits. This was the company's first small family car in generations, and yet due to its excellent design, it went straight to the top of the class.

With independent rear suspension, servo-assisted disc brakes (a Peugeot first) and anti-roll bars, the 304 was blessed with surefooted handling and a comfortable ride, in true French style. It was also offered in Coupe, Cabriolet (not offered in the UK), van and estate car forms, with the oprtion of diesel as well as petrol engines, offering something for everyone.