Peugeot 404 (1960 – 1978) Review

Peugeot 404 (1960 – 1978) At A Glance


+Epochal saloon for Peugeot, roomy, strong, rugged, good to drive and immortal, Cabriolet looks stunning

-Almost extinct in the UK

The Peugeot 404 was styled by a Pininfarina that was learning the art of recycling its designs across more than one car company. And that meant, this beautifully engineered saloon bore more than a passing resemblance to the BMC Farina and Fiat 1800/2300 saloons. It was a policy that the Italian design company would go on to follow for decades to come. The 404 was a very clever piece of design, though, as it was actually smaller and lighter than the car it was eventually replaced (the 403). The 404 and 403 would end up selling alongside each other, before the newer car went on to be built until 1978 - a truly impressive achievement.

But it was a great looking and driving car that deserved its success. Just like with the 403, Peugeot took a couple of years to get the convertible version of its mainstay saloon into production. The 404 Cabriolet and its Coupé shared no external panels with their saloon counsins, giving Pininfarina free rein to create a visually arresting car with more than a passing resemblance to contemporary Ferraris. But the 404 Cabriolet was also roomy and practical - and quick too in fuel injected form. The 404 saloon and estate are both still a common site in Northern Africa, plying the taxi routes between major towns... flag one down for a proper classic experience.