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Lancia Reviews

Vincenzo Lancia worked at Fiat before setting up his own factory in Turin in 1906. Lancia quickly built up a reputation for advanced engineering, producing vee-engines and independent suspension long before other carmakers emulated it. Lancia also had the first production five-speed gearbox, in 1948, and was a widespread early adopter of front-wheel drive.

This approach was laudable, but it proved less than cost effective and, with deepening financial trouble, Fiat stepped in during 1969. The legacy of a reputation damaged by rusty Betas saw it leave the UK market in 1994, but the badge continues elsewhere on luxury cars with Fiat underpinnings. But for how much longer?

Good: Hugely advanced saloons with front-wheel drive and V6 engines, still relatively affordable
Bad: Most likely rusty if it's not been fully restored
Good: Great performance and efficiency for its modest engine capacity, roomy and stylish
Bad: Rare, not terribly easy to find, repair or work on
Good: Beautiful coupes and convertibles that shared the saloon's front-wheel drive and V6 engines, ultra desirable B24 Spider now in the stratosphere
Bad: Most likely rusty if it's not been fully restored
Good: Imposing, great to drive, fast in 2.8-litre form, with a maximum speed more than 100mph
Bad: Rare and expensive to restore; far more so than their current market values
Good: Gorgeous styling, long-legged cruising, beautiful to look at, great value compared with the Aurelia
Bad: Relatively low values make full restorations uneconomical
Good: As with the GT, gorgeous styling, long-legged cruising, and even more beatuful to look at
Bad: Expensive, and bound to get more so
Good: All the pros and cons of the Flaminia GT, but with even more gorgeous Zagato styling
Bad: Only the rich need apply.
Good: Wonderful progressive technical package, brilliant to drive, a true engineer's car
Bad: Its talents are hidden under a bushel
Good: Like the saloon, a brilliantly technical package, that's lovely to drive, a true engineer's car
Bad: Rust nibbles away at that stylish bodywork in no time
Good: Drives like a Flavia, but it's more responsive
Bad: Outlandish looks won't appeal to everyone
Good: Excellent handling, light and accurate steering, great specialist support and social scene
Bad: Insipid three-box looks, rot and high rebuild costs in relation with values
Good: Excellent handling, light and accurate steering, sharp looks, great specialist support and social scene
Bad: Rot and rebuild costs
Good: It won the World Rally Championship
Bad: ...and it's just as effective on the road
Good: All the positives you get with a Fulvia HF Coupe, but with an even lighter body and head turning styling.
Bad: You either love or hate the way it looks.
Good: Quick, nice handling, well finished inside
Bad: A bit anonymous
Good: The first Fiat-Lancia but still advanced with front-wheel drive, all-wheel disc brakes, twin-cam engines, all good to drive
Bad: Very few survive today, rust won't be too much of an issue for those that have made it, but do be vigilant
Good: Pretty styling, rorty twin-cam engines, tidy handling, enthusiastic owners club
Bad: Rust, low values mean restoration is often uneconomic
Good: Stylish open-top with great handling and few rivals
Bad: Rust, fragility
Good: Great looks (although few recognise it as a Lancia), nice engine with plenty of performance, reasonably roomy interior
Bad: Slightly suspect handling - although improved with modern tyres, brakes partial to locking up - even on Series 2 cars
Good: Roomy, quick, charismatic, warbling flat-four is surprisingly potent, handling and ride are excellent
Bad: Tragic and well-documented unreliability and corrosion issues, unless you give it special treatment every time you use it, the engine is a ticking timebomb
Good: Plush, smart, and in HF Turbo form, a really exciting performer
Bad: 'Cooking' versions now effectively extinct, HF Turbos are hard to track down. rust is a real problem, especially in structural areas
Good: Spacious cabin, big boot and enjoyable to drive, better reliability than it's often credited with.
Bad: Can be afflicted by rust and reliability problems, parts can be tricky to source
Good: Durable FIRE engines and, for the car's size, a good balance of ride comfort and handling control
Bad: They rot badly and parts are hard to source, people will think you drive a 'white hen'
Good: Brilliant steering and handling, lots of power and pace, 8V drivertrain is bulletproof
Bad: Italian electrics are troublesome, once corrosion takes hold it's tough to beat
Good: Rides well, handles tidily, Turbo 2.0 is quite quick, all cheap to buy if you can still find one
Bad: Hard to find these days and getting uglier with every passing year. Body parts difficult to find, Turbo model can be heavy on tyres.

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