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Lancia Fulvia Coupe (1965 - 1976)

Last updated 21 June 2013

Excellent handling, light and accurate steering, sharp looks, great specialist support and social scene
Rot and rebuild costs


The Lancia Fulvia Coupe is the one that everyone really wants today. Yes, the Berlina is a great drive and an engineering masterpiece, but it really can't compare with its two-door cousin for desirability. It was introduced in and sported timeless styling by Piero Castagnero, based on a wheelbase that's 150mm shorter than the Berlina. The coupe shared no exterior panels with the saloon.

At launch it also benefited from the larger 1216cc engine, which packed an impressive 80bhp at 6000rpm. Performance was hugely improved over the 1.1-litre saloon; and even more so, when it was upgraded to a 90bhp 1290cc power unit later in its life. Handling was known for its precision and neutrality, a point devastatingly proved in motor sport with the more potent HF.