Lancia Fulvia HF (1965 – 1976) Review

Lancia Fulvia HF (1965 – 1976) At A Glance


+It won the World Rally Championship

-...and it's just as effective on the road

The Lancia Fulvia HF was the ultimate evolution of Italy's most innovative small saloon of the 1960s. It was built in road going form as a go-faster complement to the rest of the range, and it ended up winning the 1972 International Rally Championship in Rallye form.

The competition version of the Fulvia Coupé was powered by a tuned version of the 1298cc engine producing 87bhp, the HF was lighter than the standard Coupé, thanks to the aluminium bonnet, doors and bootlid, and Plexiglass side windows. It was a bit raw for the road, even in Lusso form, but the HF was further developed into the Rallye 1.6 HF, 1584cc version developing 115bhp.

What does a Lancia Fulvia HF (1965 – 1976) cost?