Lancia Lancia Flaminia Convertible (1959 – 1967) Review

Lancia Lancia Flaminia Convertible (1959 – 1967) At A Glance


+As with the GT, gorgeous styling, long-legged cruising, and even more beatuful to look at

-Expensive, and bound to get more so

The Lancia Flaminia Convertible was - and is - a magnificent looking car. Responsibility for this pretty car was Carrozzeria Touring, which based this striking car on the shortened wheelbase of the two-door GT. The two-seater was perhaps the best looking of all the Flaminias thanks to a carefully considered roof chop of the GT. It was offered with the optional hardtop, and uprated 2775cc V6 engine, and remained in production until 1964 with a production total of 847.

The one to have is most definitely the 160bhp 2.8-litre version, of which just 180 were built. However, finding one is always tough, and when you do, be prepared to pay top money for the best examples, as demand for this particularly striking car remains as strong as ever.

What does a Lancia Lancia Flaminia Convertible (1959 – 1967) cost?