Lancia Flaminia Coupe and GT (1957 – 1967) Review

Lancia Flaminia Coupe and GT (1957 – 1967) At A Glance


+Gorgeous styling, long-legged cruising, beautiful to look at, great value compared with the Aurelia

-Relatively low values make full restorations uneconomical

The Lancia Flaminia Coupé was another Pininfarina masterpiece, which has stood the test of time incredibly well, despite limited sales when new. The two-door coupe was closely related to the saloon, and predated the trend towards three-box coupes, such as the Fiat 130 and Rolls-Royce Camarge (incidentally, both also by Pininfarina).

The resulting coupe was built on a shortened wheelbase that ended up being shared with all other two-door versions. The Coupé were handsome and desirable, and pitched in an elevated market sector. Therefore, it was not a mass-produced car – with 5282 Coupés were built. There were other versions, most notably, the Carrozzeria Touring designed GT, which featured different styling and a two-seat cabin. The Flaminia was the last Lancia to be offered in so many coachbuilt variations, and respresented the end of an era. Values are high as a consequence, although nowhere near the Aurelia. Buy one now, if you can afford one.

What does a Lancia Flaminia Coupe and GT (1957 – 1967) cost?