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January 2020

Luca Soave

Always loved the design of the Puma, gutted that it shares the name with a crossover of today. There's a 2002 model with its windows panned in near my house, it's been abandoned since 2015. Shame Read more


I prefer "Flipping Bangers" recently aired on the Blaze TV channel.
Real old school mechanics buying and restoring cars for a living. Read more


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The mk 3 Fiesta was one of the most miserable cars to drive. It only became good after a major rework.
Rose- tinted nostalgia there. Read more


The basic models had a 4 speed gearbox the higher models 5 speeds.

De Sisti

I believe this car has been sold. Read more

Jack Chadwick

My father purchased my second automobile, a Nissan Sunny, at the same time that I was working on DBMS assignment in my university days. And this is one of my all-time favorite moments. That was a day I'll never forget.


I guess that many families still use this car for saving the price. It's a good choice after all
Read more

Paul Renaultden BBC

Alfas are most enjoyable but you need patience of a saint Read more