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Honda Reviews

Honda started out making bicycles and motorcycles, but it was inevitable that it would branch out in car manufacture as the Japanese motor industry grew during the 1950s and '60s. It unveiled its first car in 1962 and for the first few years concentrated on building small models. As the range grew, so did the cars, with the long-running Civic proving to be the capable backbone.

The Accord and Prelude also helped to establish Honda’s global reputation, while its mid-engined NSX delivered a shock to Ferrari. Honda was one of the first mainstream manufacturers to market a hybrid electric vehicle, as well as the first Japanese maker to set-up a UK joint venture with a British car company - British Leyland. 

Good: Amazing engine, incredible performance from such a low capacity power unit
Bad: Tall drivers walk away now
Good: Beautifully engineered, fun and nice to drive... if you're not too tall
Bad: Buzzy at speed and your chances of finding one that's not been restored from original are slim
Good: Nippy, fun to drive, good looking, and a barrel of laughs
Bad: Buzzy and cramped
Good: Nippy, smooth drivetrain, fantastic economy, reliability
Bad: Bouncy ride, cramped, extensive corrosion problems
Good: Appealing extension of the Civic concept, smooth punchy engine, useful in three-door form
Bad: Rust was the main killer, dynamics lagged behind their European counterparts
Good: Well equipped, well-made, perky performance
Bad: Vulgar styling, woolly dynamics, rare and capable of horrible rust
Good: Improved in every area over the original Civic
Bad: Not that you'd know it to look at it...
Good: Sweet drivetrain and high equipment levels
Bad: Sloppy damping, rust from an early age, completely forgotten
Good: Plush, capable, well-built and reliable
Bad: Lacks a little of the original Accord's appeal
Good: An early adopter of ABS, three-valve engines are sweet and economical, pop-up headlamps
Bad: Rust eats away at the rear wings and body parts are in short supply.
Good: Traditional Honda strength of sewing machine-smooth drivetrain, interesting design, functional interior, useful Shuttle version
Bad: Rust and fragile interior, not seen as a classic in the way its rivals from Nissan and Toyota are
Good: Crackerjack performance, excllent handling, cool styling
Bad: Cramped even for two, comprehensive corrosion
Good: Reliable and built to go the distance
Bad: Rust is starting to eat away at them now, problems with the air conditioning
Good: Refined and effortless, lovely V6 engine is punchy and responsive
Bad: Relatively cramped inside, chassis settings are a little on the soft side, lifeless steering
Good: Amazing on-rails handling, so easy to drive your granny could go shopping in it, a thoroughbred supercar
Bad: Not exactly a looker
Good: Extremely low CO2 emissions of 80g/km. Surprisingly nippy and good to drive. More than 80mpg is possible in real-world driving.
Bad: Only two seats and very limited luggage space. Expensive to insure because it's costly to repair.
Good: Funky little upright box-like MPV.
Bad: Import only
Good: The 64bhp engine is a screamer. It looks cute, handles neatly and you'll always find a place to park it.
Bad: Too small for some tastes. Some parts can be hard to come by.

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