Honda Civic Coupe (1994 – 2003) Review

Honda Civic Coupe (1994 – 2003) At A Glance


+Softer ride than other contemporary Civic models, but just as reliable, well equipped and undemanding.

-Looks bland, especially for a coupe.

There’s no easy way to say this, but Honda completely missed the point of a coupe with its two-door Civic. In fact, that’s really all this car is – a two-door Civic.

There’s no ‘wow’ factor, no firmed-up suspension, no folding glass roof, no hot engines – just a wider front door aperture and slightly less head room in the back than the saloon.

After a lukewarm reception when the car went on sale in 1994, Honda upped its game a bit adding the 159bhp VTi engine and a host of unimaginatively named special editions (eg Winter, and Special Limited Edition).

Good points? Well, the hot one managed nearly 100bhp per litre – that puts it the company of cars like the BMW M3 and Ferrari 355. Oh, and there’s actually space for people in the back – normal actual human sized people.