Honda Accord Mk2 (1981 – 1985) Review

Honda Accord Mk2 (1981 – 1985) At A Glance


+Plush, capable, well-built and reliable

-Lacks a little of the original Accord's appeal

The second generation Honda Accord was a simple and very effective facelift and upscale of the original car. As part of the upgrade, the engine range was expanded to include a 1.8-litre, which gave the heavier car a some much needed muscle, especially in automatic form. As before, the Accord was offered as a four-door saloon and three-door fastback.

The 1981 Accord represented a number of firsts for Honda - most notably, it was the company's first car to built in the USA; and it sported Honda's innovative  PGM-FI engine management system. EX models offered the ultimate luxury package, with toys including electric sunroof and air conditioning. Still readily available on the classic car market, and unlike similar cars from Nissan and Toyota, they've yet to find a significant following.

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How much is a 1983 Honda Accord EX Coupe worth?

"An elderly chap near me has asked me to help him sell his Honda Accord EX Coupe from 1983. It is in remarkable condition for its age both inside and out, has been garaged every winter for the last 18 years and has covered 143,500 miles. He is keen to sell it to a Honda enthusiast who will cherish it and spend a little time and effort to bring it back up to its former glory. How much is it worth? And could you please help me by pointing me in the direction of an appropriate owners club or forum?"
This is a difficult car to value. Second generation examples are few and far between now, although there are a couple of third generation examples for sale with dealers at the moment - both in the £3k to £4k bracket. While a standard accord from this era might go for under £500, a 1989 Accord Aerodeck sold at Anglia Car Auctions in 2017 for £4830. To the right buyer, this car is probably worth about £3500. However, just because it's rare doesn't make it desirable. Chances are you'll have a few people offering to take it off your hands for £500 and you'll have to really hold out to get a higher price. Worth dropping by the Honda Accord forum (
Answered by Keith Moody
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