Honda Quintet (1980 – 1985) Review

Honda Quintet (1980 – 1985) At A Glance


+Sweet drivetrain and high equipment levels

-Sloppy damping, rust from an early age, completely forgotten

The Honda Quintet, or Quint as it was known as in Japan, was a stand-alone five door model that sat in the range between the Civic and the Accord. In its home market, the Quint was sold through the Honda Verno sales network, alongside upscale models, such as the Vigor (a luxury Accord) - and in the UK, it had a premium price, competing with the Ford Escort Ghia or Lancia Delta.

The Quintet was powered by the Accord's 1602cc four-cylinder engine, and had 80bhp to give lively performance. Five-speed manual transmission and three-speed semi-automatic were offered, as was speed sensitive power steering and all-round electric windows and central locking. But despite all the showroom trinkets, the Quintet failed to sell in the UK, and was largely forgotten by the time it was replaced by the Integra in 1985. Sold as the Rover Quintet in Australia.