Honda Civic Mk2 (1979 – 1984) Review

Honda Civic Mk2 (1979 – 1984) At A Glance


+Improved in every area over the original Civic

-Not that you'd know it to look at it...

The second generation Honda Civic was launched in the UK in 1980, and was very much a case the same again, but with what seemed to be a 10 per cent scaling up. New 1335cc and 1488cc engines was even smoother and more economical than before, and in S form (launched in 1983), it was a genuinely capable and underrated rival to wrm harches such as the MG Metro and Talbot Samba S.

The range was extended to include a pint-sized estate version, called the van, and a four-door saloon. But for most enthusiasts, the Civic saloon's greatest moment was when it was facelifted to become the Ballade - which became the basis for the Triumph Acclaim.

Ask Honest John

Non-starting automatic - how can I fix it?

"I'm having problems starting my mk2 (1979) Honda Civic 1.6 Auto. Sometimes, when I turn the ignition key the starter motor fails to turnover. All ignition lights are illuminated. I move the auto gear handle up and down and then the starter motor turns and the engine starts. What causes this and do I need to get it fixed?"
There is a detent to prevent the engine being started unless the selector is in P. The system is suffering wear and tear and is not registering that the selector is in P.
Answered by Honest John
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