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Honda Z600 (1973 - 1974)

Last updated 7 April 2013

Nippy, fun to drive, good looking, and a barrel of laughs
Buzzy and cramped
were produced
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The Honda Z600 Coupe was an interesting addition to the mini-car sector during the 1970s. It joins the likes of Suzuki Whizkid, Cappuccino, and Daihatsu Copen in the ranks of the desirable, sporting Japanese Kei-cars. It's no surprise that it's such an appealing package give that in its homeland, the Kei-car category was - and is - an important sector of the market.

Many Japanese car manufacturers embraced the Kei Car and Honda was one of them. The Z600 pushed the limits of the Kei Car regulations, but despite its limitations, the Z600 had no problem keeping up with traffic. All Z600s imported into the UK were painted Orange, with a ‘Starsky and Hutch’ style black stripe running along the flanks.