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August 2003

Hugo {P}

To start the ball rolling,

In the 80\'s we had a Volvo 244DL auto. My mother was driving down to the westcountry and we noticed this loud rasping noise that seemed to follow the speed of the engine.

My mother was very concerned and pulled into the next garage she came upon and asked the mechanic to take a look at this problem. He opened the bonnet but could not find anything wrong. Slightly happier, we carried on but the noise soon returned.

Next garage, the mechanic spotted straight away that in the passenger footwell (near my size 12s) was a portable radio, that had been turned on. Well of course the interference caused by the engine was the noise!

We had a good laugh!

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Back to the seventies for me too although it is still vivid in my mind. Embarrassing certainly, funny NO!

In my friends “yellow” Fiat 500, we came up behind a 4 vehicle funeral cortege. Despite my urgently expressed concerns over respect for the dead and the car’s limited accelerative abilities, my friend decided that he could safely pass the lot. Down a gear, moves out, lots more noise, negligible speed increase. Halfway point, a car appears travelling towards us considerably faster than us. Squeeze in between vehicles 2 and 3 to create a bumble bee effect. What followed was the longest two or three minutes of my life that only ended when the cortege turned off for the crematorium and I could no longer feel eyes boring in to the back of my skull. I still cringe.