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Mark Sp

Looks like a genuine wood dashboard !

Nice !!! Read more

Howard Buchanan

As an owner and admirer of real Rover cars, I wish that nobody had ever seen fit to associate this vehicle with the name of Rover. Read more

Richard Millward

Brilliant car had 2 of them wish I had never swapped them. Read more

Tony Maynard

Have an X plate ST 24 what a machine I love it owned her for 7 years only used once a week for fun great car.


Possibly the best car ever made.Have a 1998 528iSE,260,000 miles,still does 145MPH on the Autobahn.Worth about a grand according to 'we buy any car' or whatever.And faster,better made and much nicer to own than my company 2017 Audi A4 TDI. Read more

Clint Joseph

I have owed a 540i touring for a week. It is heavy and to aggressive. This car is not a patch on my 2000 Honda Legend which is truly a refined car. Bar the handling.

John Doneghan

Absolutely spot on. I watch Wheeler Dealers for the mechanics,not Mike. If Velocity want to reduce the time showing the mechanics of the cars then I truly believe that this is the beginning of the end for Wheeler Dealers. People are'nt going to want to sit and watch Mike Brewer for the majority of the show. Hopefully when viewing figures start to drop,this is just to save money remember, maybe Velocity might change their minds,I doubt it.
Changing a winning formula usually means its not a good thing to do,but.......

John D. Read more

paul robert watson

Edd was the star of the show,he never talked down to anyone and was
always very interesting.He was always doing all the work and not getting his just deserts in the way of reward.You can see the differance
in the new line up.His replacement talks to everyone as tho' they are
kids and need to be taught as know nothings.As for Mike he has gone
downhill,instead of letting someone have a bargain because he loves
the motor,he is now just interested in the biggest bucks,a true U.S.
greed drama.It's a real shame!Surely the BBC will give Edd a Job even if on BBC2,a quiet replacement for Clarkson.

Razor 1955

The car's value lies in it's originality - which is another way of saying you can't drive it.
Belongs in a museum really. Read more


I've had my 1998 five door for seven years, I bought it as a 'runabout' but it's become more than that to me. It's very reliable, practical and being relatively light for an SUV it's quite economical too. It also draws admiring glanses and occasional comments all of which tends to suggest this could be a future classic. Read more

Iv had my mk1 giant for over 2 years and all its needed is front brake pads. The best heater in any car Iv had and the best air con too! If I had to fault it I could only say the electric windows take two months to go up and down other than that I adore it and will keep it until it goes bang


Thank you so much for this. I was into this issue and tired to tinker around to check if its possible but couldnt get it done. Now that i have seen the way you did it, thanks guys
regards Read more


Only for tiny people, I tried to get behind the wheel of one at the launch show and got stuck 1/2 way in. Even as a fairly slim 18 y/o I couldnt get my thighs between the seat and the steering wheel.


Gareth Parsons

Pretty sure the (Heavily SAAB influenced) premium platform never found its way to any other car due to its cos (and weight)t. The Vauxhall Signum, Vectra estate and Fiat Croma used the simpler Episilon platform. Read more


yes it is a heavy car, but it had best torsional rigidity of any car at the time. i still have mine from new and it has no squekks or rattles and still very rigid. best handling front wheel drive car i have ever driven (i have the lighter 2.2 ti which is the pick for handling). i still leave people in the dust on curved roads. i’ll never sell it.

The Gingerous One

Oh I still use mine as my daily, and those plastic sill covers can hide some rust.....especially after 20 years! Read more

John cadman

What an excellent write up, I agree totally with the comments regarding BMW, it’s such a shame that very British company was resigned to the history books, having produced some very innovative cars over the years. I think the 600 was probably one of the most under stated cars they produced and one day It will be truly recognised.

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