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Its funny that (in my mind) Peugeot and Citroen can't have nice cars at the same time. Back in the lat 80s and 90s, Peugeot had some nice cars and Citroen some ugly ones. For the past 10 years Citroen has had some great looking cars and Peugeot some right ugly ones.

Gary Read more

well, the coupe never had 2.0 hdi.
it might have not been a sports car, but it's firmer than regular 406 for sure.

John Doneghan

Absolutely spot on. I watch Wheeler Dealers for the mechanics,not Mike. If Velocity want to reduce the time showing the mechanics of the cars then I truly believe that this is the beginning of the end for Wheeler Dealers. People are'nt going to want to sit and watch Mike Brewer for the majority of the show. Hopefully when viewing figures start to drop,this is just to save money remember, maybe Velocity might change their minds,I doubt it.
Changing a winning formula usually means its not a good thing to do,but.......

John D. Read more

John Beckett

Well, as an American and a motor head I will agree that Edd was the reason for watching the show. He worked on regular cars that regular people would buy and drive for fun, or necessity. A totally restored LS-1 retrofit into a late 60s Camaro is nice, but who can afford it.
No more Wheeler Dealers for me, as Edd would say, with the change in format it would be "perished"


The year quoted in the first two paragraphs is presently wrong. I have just tried (February 2016) to register my 2002 tii as historic (registered 10 March 1975) and been refused. To quote from the reply I got from the DVLA: .... legislation was also introduced to exempt vehicles manufactured prior to 1 Jan 1975 from the payment of VED. This came into force on 1 April 2015. The intention from HM Treasury is to introduce a legislative clause every year so that vehicles manufactured 40 years ago will become exempt from VED.

This means your vehicle may become eligible for the historic tax class from the 1 April 2016.... Read more

just a bit of contribution to this fraudulent topic. The Dvla made so much noise about vehicles and pollution as if they care about human lives whereby there agents go about clamping peoples tyres in a democratic system.all cars uses exhaust pipes, i wont use the word pollution as to me it is a mere fraud to extort money from the people.my car was made in year 2000 and i pay over 250 pounds a year, all in the name of pollution and causing damage to the environment even though my car complies with present day facilities while some other cars are made before 1974 they are exempt from road tax, do this cars not use exhaust pipe as well or cause pollution??
my neighbours car was made in year 2012 a polo vw and pays as little as 30 pounds using the same road as mine. one begins to wonder the relevant of this dvla in this present day if all they do is just to get money off innocent people. the money paid by motorist is extra ordinarily high and one wonders who makes those inhuman rules that we are not expected to challenge?
paying over 250 a year for a service that some people dont have to pay for in inhumanly unfair.where is the justice in this system or where is the democracy if at all as most things are targeting a particular set of people.
This practice of road tax even though it seem to generate money for the government seem to be a big fraud if the government wants to practice what it preaches then this democracy should be fair and practiced in all practice.This cannot thrive when dvla goes around violating peoples rights and terrorizing people.
please can someone in the dvla explain this ijustice that has thrived over they years and why this rather extortionist practice is still allowed to go on despite its unfairness.
i think its high time the government should seek the peoples opinion on domestic issues like dvla ,road tax and the rest rather than issues like brexit while domestic night mares like dvla are allowed to thrive. its time for justice for everyone and time peoples opinion be sought.

whats shar

<a href=" jntuk.net/results/pseb-10th-result-2017-punjab-boa...7">Punjab Board 10th Result 2017 </a>

<a href="http://jntuk.net/results/uk-board-10th-result-2017 ">uk board result</a>... Read more

siva kumar



I remember a Toyota salesman telling me they were pitching the car at buyers who would like a boxter. I just shook my head and walked out the showroom at such boll*cks. Read more

I have one tweaked with a turbo to 238bhp. It is boll*cks........The dogs!!!. Have toured all round Europe in it with the wife. No problems with luggage space when you're used to touring on a motorbike. D.

Peter McGuire

Imagine there's no air bags.
It's easy if you try.
No ABS below us.
And no backup cameras too....

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Howard Buchanan

What a way to treat a Phantom! Lennon must have been inspired to do this while at the Indian ashram of the Veryrichi Lotsa Muni Yogi Bear. Hope the (now old) folk who bought his records and whistled his tunes back in the day are happy about the way he spent at least some of the money...

Masterpiece ... I wonder if it is the original paint ....or like Harrison's MINI it has been re-done ..I hope not , but Americans tend to not appreciate the patina of age / originality...


I learnt in a Nova Antibes. The dreadful gearchange compared to a Mk 3 Escort put me off Vauxhall for a very long time. Read more

Paul Neaves

Never a good car especially if you hit anything at all .About as safe as a box of Eggs.

Bernardo Costa

Good Morning,

First of all, I would like to present myself, I'm new here.... Read more

Bernardo Costa



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