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Ed china was what made this show so watchable he was so skilled not just a mouthpiece
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Mike Oxleigh-King

Having watched the new show I am so disappointed. No criticism of Ant who is a very able mechanic and a good presenter but
a) the cars so far are just awful. A car doesn't become a classic just because it is old or we would all be doing up Morris Itals;
b) the mechanical content has been dumbed down; and
c) Mike Brewer has just become a caricature of his already inflated ego. No-one cared about the fake money. Everyone thought they'd love to have Edd doing up their car for them and not charging for labour. Now it is just all about Mike and he obviously thinks that adding the 'hours spent' (would that have included spending a day driving to some remote place to get three spokes put in a wire wheel) gives it more authenticity. It doesn't and we don't mind. We are into the restorations not the two 'undred notes profit.
You have spoiled something great Mike.
Mike Oxleigh-King

stuart mckenzie

Used to love Wheeler Dealers, because of Mr China....! He has been sold down the river by someone who calls himself a 'mate'! Edd's mechanical expertise, along with his hints, tips and advice, will be sadly missed. Edd has a genuine love for cars which came across in the show, as every little detail was attended to and dealt with the utmost care and professionalism. The show is now dead on its feet and while Ant seems like a decent guy, I don't think he could lace Edd's boots! Nice going Mike, and while we all know you wont give a t**s about what we write here, you've sold out, killed the show and lost a mate....Best of luck to Edd in whatever he does now.


No disrespect to Ant but I cannot stand the new show, It's now just another American car show with high fives, Wahooos, hugs and hand slapping - very disappointed, it's aimed at US punters and not UK punters who have a very different idea of what makes a good show and this is not it

Ken Wright

As a owner of a couple of classics alays enjoyed the show, even Mikes bits although anybody with any nous knows it was contrived and helped make the show, but like most commentators on here Edd was the main reason for watching it. I`m a 68yr old reasonable do it yourselfer & watching Edd do his stuff would always give me a few tips & was the show, such a shame, hope someone picks up on Edd to do something in the future for TV


Just watched a newish episode about the Mustang Mach 1 and it made me angry. Apparently all you need to do to restore bhp is fit an uprated exhaust. What rubbish. It was not there originally so how is it restoring the factory performance. Ant is un-informative telling us you tell by experience the car is running rich. The people working at home don't have the experience. Black sooty plugs - sure that's how he knows it's running rich. Ignition timing is a precise matter at a certain rpm. No mention of that because Ant is 'searching for the sweet spot'. What BS.

I do not want to watch a show where everything is repeated 3 times and nothing is informative. I want the nuts and bolts and less of the vanity

Nick Cornwell-Menzies

Sad to hear Edd is to leave Wheeler Dealers, but like Edd I felt going 'State-side' has changed the 'feel' of the series, taking it off in a direction I for one was fast beginning to lose interest in. Wheeler Dealers was at its best covering our own native and European car industries which is where most of the interest this side of the pond is found. Good luck to him, hats-off for retaining integrity which is seldom the case nowadays, and with a bit of luck the BBC will entice him to Top Gear and eventually Ant too! I might even start watching TG again 'cos it certainly ain't working as it is at the moment! Read more

Ant is perhaps the finest restorer of collectible cars i have ever seen on television. Some of his work has achieved world record price at auction. Why on earth he has dumbed down and joined mike brewer who adds little or nothing to Wheeler Dealers is beyond me. The new show is sadly lacking in real hands on how to do it and is no longer on my favourites viewing list. I hope someone snaps up Ed Chinas skills and forms a real car restoration feast for us to watch.

John Doneghan

Absolutely spot on. I watch Wheeler Dealers for the mechanics,not Mike. If Velocity want to reduce the time showing the mechanics of the cars then I truly believe that this is the beginning of the end for Wheeler Dealers. People are'nt going to want to sit and watch Mike Brewer for the majority of the show. Hopefully when viewing figures start to drop,this is just to save money remember, maybe Velocity might change their minds,I doubt it.
Changing a winning formula usually means its not a good thing to do,but.......

John D. Read more

Peter Morison

I am sorry to see Edd no longer in the show, As for Mike Brewer he has always been a waste of space, whom I find objectionable as a person. I feel that in the long run Edd will be better off without him.

Have watched WD since the beginning and have always enjoyed Ed’s mechanical fixes, he has given me confidence to tackle jobs that I had not done before. I noticed in the last series that Ed’s part of the show was being reduced. I have watched the first three episodes of the new series and although Ant is a good mechanic we aren’t seeing him do half the work that is needed. I know that as this is an entertainment show most of the work is carried out behind the scenes by a team of mechanics but the old format gave the impression that if you had an understanding of how a car works you could do the jobs yourself. To me it seems that under the new format it will be no different from all those other car shows such as Gas Monkey, Misfit Garage and Car SOS where there is minimal information on how the car was restored and most of the time is spent on the cast fooling about. If we are talking about changing a shows format perhaps Car SOS could get rid of the annoying Tim and his embarrassing parts blags and bring in Ed to partner Fuzz, now that I would watch, although each episode would probably last for two hours as both of them would want to ensure things are done properly.

Steve swan

Got to agree with everyone, been watching the New show and it's a hard watch.
The yanks took over and ruined a class act.
Edd was the main man.Brewer is finished.Ant tries to hard and mugs himself of.
Wheeler dealers is finished.


Possibly the best car ever made.Have a 1998 528iSE,260,000 miles,still does 145MPH on the Autobahn.Worth about a grand according to 'we buy any car' or whatever.And faster,better made and much nicer to own than my company 2017 Audi A4 TDI. Read more

Compost Corner

One of the best cars I ever owned was a 1998 523i auto bought in 2001 with 30k on the clock. It was Biarritz Blue with black leather and was an absolute joy to own, until (with about 80k miles in 2006) the 'bakelite' coolant reservoir apparently cracked causing the engine to overheat and blow the head gasket. It seems this was a known problem - had the car serviced main dealer and specialist religiously and no one mentioned the reservoirs can age and crack. Put me off BMW a bit - beautiful car ruined for a piece of cheap plastic.

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