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The location of these cars MAY be RAF
Thurleigh near Bedford... Read more

John of Gloster

Yet more evidence, if more was needed, of a Nation still excelling at getting far too many important decisions ... WRONG!

Vince Robertson

What happens to these cars now? Surely they're not still destined to be scrapped? I'm sure that the classic car fraternity would happily take care of most of them and raise a considerable sum of money in the process.

A Daley

What a waste. Is there a way to save these cars?

Dr Robert Taylor

"that were confined to the crusher" - consigned is the correct word.

Chris C

I thought that cars in a scrappage scheme had to be roadworthy/MOT'd - some clearly aren't - and if they are going to be scrapped why bother sorting them by marque or even waste time taking them to a storage area rather than just scrap them locally?

Doris & Boris

Subaru SVX in the first section!!

Vote in a replacement new Mayor Read more

Gordon Ennis

As usual it's the car owners getting it in the neck. Nobody says clobber the real polluters vis a vis all the flying machines that keep 1,000,000 passengers aloft at any one time 24 / 7 / 365. Their pollution contributions must be massive, especially over the big cities with airports, and even more so over the entire upper atmosphere of the planet.


Beware of dealer rackets - There have been several well-documented cases of an imported car dealer manipulating the import documentation. In case the long arms of law catch up, it is the owner (and not the dealer) who is liable to pay duties, taxes and fines. Read more

Just so you all know my experience of using Autobox Logistics Ltd Essex which is carshippingmadesimple website part of Cargo Marketing Ltd. I drove to their shipping associate warehouse in Houston end of Jan 2018. They said it would be in Southampton in a month. After chasing and chasing it turned up in Felixstowe three months later. I was not happy and persuaded them to transport by truck to me in Devon at a subsided cost. I paid half, another £250 to swallow. It was left in the rain at Felixstowe and water had got in soaking carpet and seats and trim. It had been driven hard in reverse it looks like and damaged the underneath behind the rear axle inc fuel tank and twin exhausts and the bottom of both rear wings. Its a fully restore american classic. It has been 51 days since and still not repaired and they just ignore you as a customer and give the impression they don't care. Very very poor customer service. Very nice when booking though. I cannot recommend this set up at all.

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