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Laguna mark

Hi, The heater I=on my Laguna 1 1998 does not low hot air and the cooling fan runs on after te enfune is switched off. It never used to do this. Is there an easy fix.

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elekie&a/c doctor

Firstly I would check to see if there is any coolant in the engine . No water means no heater .

Question Car identity

Can anyone take a guess at what car this is please?
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Vauxhall Viva HC ?


Hillman Avenger?

Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}

I go along with the Vauxhall Viva HC.


Had an Avenger and Viva back in the 70's and I can say 100% that is definitely a Viva HC.


Hi All

I am having great difficulties to find a place in London [North] to have my wheels balanced.... Read more


I had the same trouble with a Peugeot 104 back in the mid 80s. At that time some places had the kit to balance the wheels while they were still on the car.


Hello, ive just purchased a 1972 austin 1300 to import to cyprus. I was wondering what oil i should use in it? bearing in mind the high temps here in Cyprus in summer 40 degrees is common in summer with winter around 6 degrees. Any advice welcolm. Read more


I would suggest contacting Millers Oils as they have a large classic range. There is a 20/50 specifically for when engines and gearboxes share the same oil. There is also a high performance version for classic Minis, CTV 20W50, that might be suitable for high summer. Also think about fitting an oil cooler - a Mini specialist should be able to advise you.


for I had to buy a new car battery fitted in my Ford Fiesta 06 and now my radio is asking but for code I've pulled it out and my number is m292256 can anyone help please Read more


Hi, your code is 7214.

Next time, instead of waiting for a long late response, unlock your code instantly at Ford Radio Code Generator...

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