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Hello, ive just purchased a 1972 austin 1300 to import to cyprus. I was wondering what oil i should use in it? bearing in mind the high temps here in Cyprus in summer 40 degrees is common in summer with winter around 6 degrees. Any advice welcolm. Read more

Andrew Greening

Contact Classic Oils Ltd at Bicester Heritage on 01869 227062 ( 0044 ) if outside UK and they will be able to advise you as to the correct Grade of oil in High ambient temperature operation such as yours


I would suggest contacting Millers Oils as they have a large classic range. There is a 20/50 specifically for when engines and gearboxes share the same oil. There is also a high performance version for classic Minis, CTV 20W50, that might be suitable for high summer. Also think about fitting an oil cooler - a Mini specialist should be able to advise you.


for I had to buy a new car battery fitted in my Ford Fiesta 06 and now my radio is asking but for code I've pulled it out and my number is m292256 can anyone help please Read more


Hi can anybody help with my 6000cd Ford fiesta radio the serial no is v049844 thanks


Hi, your code is 7214.

Next time, instead of waiting for a long late response, unlock your code instantly at Ford Radio Code Generator...


Hi All

How long can I keep a Purflux oil filter before it starts to deteriorate?... Read more


Don't know, but I'd think you could essentially stop it deteriorating by pre-oiling it.

Its likely deterioration will be by oxidation and possibly acid hydrolysis of the paper, assuming its kept dry.

Filling the filters with oil will largely exclude oxygen, and the buffering of the oil should neutralise any acid.

If you keep them in a sealed container the oil shouldn't oxidise much either.



Can you help me about the code of the ford fiesta radio.... Read more

Carien Nieuwenburg

Hi, can you help me with the keycode for mij Ford Fiesta 2002 M097318?
Thanks a lot!!


I need a code for serial number. MO52829 please

elekie&a/c doctor

M 097318 =4179

M 052829 = 1154...

Carien Nieuwenburg



Hi guys,

Here a video guide about all you need to know about retrieving a Ford radio code.
It contains info about how to find serial, retrieve the code and how to enter it on the radio.

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