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my name is sharon, i have an idea for a new smart application that can assist garage for buying parts,
i am not from UK !.
i searched in google map to see how much garage exist in London and London suburban but didnt got the info of how much garage places are.

my questions
1. in London and London suburban how many car garage there are (ALL KINDS – painting, motors, body shop, electricity)
2. it will be great to understand from some one that worked in a garage (or still working) , what is the procedure of buying a new \ used car part, is there any program \ web site \ application that been used today.... Read more


After 26 years storage my Wolseley 6/110 MkII has seized front hubs, probably due to rust between the disc and the shoes. When I was using it I used to buy rear hub bearings that were the same as that used on the London black taxi. I was once told that the back axle was the same. Does anyone know whether the front hubs were shared with any other vehicle ? Where can I buy them ? Read more


Can anyone give me advice on transporting my vehicle from Montpellier region to UK please? I have ony found one shipper who cannot do this for 6 weeks. I also found one person from UK who said they will go and collect it on a trailer, but they won't give me a price? Should I stick the the shipper or is it best to find someone who can drive over with a trailer? I don't fancy doing that myself being female and not knowing the french roads.

Thank you. Read more

john coveney

I haved owned this vechile since 2012 which has done 60,000 genuine miles and has been looked after and serviced meticulously.

Recently it has developed a Intermittent Problem?... Read more


I've heard of this problem on turbocharged MR2s. Is yours turbo or N/A?

john coveney

No not turbo charged.

elekie&a/c doctor

Check the flexi rubber air intake tube.These can split ,but it is not obvious unless you pull it about with your hands.Also does this model have the variable intake manifold flaps.?Not unknown for these to come loose.

john coveney

Thanks elekie&a/c doctor. No does not have variable intake manifold flaps. But will press ahead with flexi rubber air intake tube and see. Will keep you posted.

john coveney

Had the ECU checked and a few faults detected repaired and rebuilt.


I am about to become a classic car owner, but I am not really a spanner man. Does anyone know of any basic part time or weekend courses for people like me, where I could learn more about basic maintenance, fault diagnosis and simple engine work (i.e. dealing with misfires, changing spark plugs and things at that level)? Read more


The British Motor Museum does a course for 'classic virgins' which includes a 'hands on' element.


Contour Autocraft also run a short course:


As mentioned above, the AA book of the car is a handy reference guide - although you'll probably need a Haynes manual if you want to get more in depth.

After a few months of regular fettling, even a novice will be able to perform basic servicing work - changing oil, spark plugs, coolant etc and progressing on to brakes.

But the state of the body is crucial. If the panels are full of rust and you don't own a welder (or can't weld) you're going to have a very steep learning curve ahead of you.

Parts for Jaguars are also very expensive. If you can, start with something very simple like a Morris Minor, a Mini or an MGB.

No car is a doddle to work on and they all have their issues (rear spring hangers especially for the Moggy) BUT parts are much more affordable and all have great support from owners' clubs.

Good luck - and enjoy the journey.

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