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Hi Everyone

I would like to post my issue here and I am not sure if this is the right place for it as this is my first time I post threads on this forum and hopefully I get some help from you members.

My issue is that I have just rebuilt a 2004 Toyota Voxy engine (Engine Code: 1AZ-FSE) 2.0L Petrol Automatic and am having the following problems with the car when I start it:

1/ Car rev too high (2000RPM) on start up
2/ Car starts blowing lots of white/grey smoke on cold start and clears away after running for 2-3 minutes and also when I put My hand in the smoke it feels a little bit greasy.
3/ Car also has got some misfire that can be felt when listening to the exhaust pipe blowing intermittently.
4/ The engine gets really hot real quick and the fan keeps coming on very frequently but I think this might be due to some air blockage in the cooling system or some leak in the radiator.
5/ The oil dipstick kind of smells of petrol.
6/ No fault codes given when scanned with my Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P.

So my questions to the experts here are:

Do you think this is an injector leak issue? or a Vacuum leak because I suspect some bad intake manifold gaskets?
The engine sound is smooth and all the valve stem seals, piston rings, con rod bearings, head gasket and timing chain replaced and the crack shaft was regrinded by professionals in the rebuild process . And also the engine was thoroughly cleaned before assembling it.

Your quick replies will be highly appreciated as I am really not sure where to start with fixing this engine.

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Omar Farooq

Did you manage to get any answers elsewhere?

Thinking of getting the same car, maybe a 2007, but older shape or try to get the 2007 shape. Is it worth it, reliability wise?

Rafael Zanetti


I would like to introduce to this forum our company. Brazilian Classic Cars. We export the VW T1 split window bus (1959=1975), bay window bus (1976-2013), VW SP2, VW Brasilia, VW Variant, 550 and 356 replicas, Puma, Envemo and others.... Read more


I wonder how difficult it is to maintain such old cars in good condition? After all, many parts of them can not be found.

Keith Pilkington

I am looking to provide my newly restored Triumph Herald that was my late fathers vehicle and had been stored away for decades. I have heard good reports about Dinitrol products but was wondering is Dinitrol 1000 better than Dinitrol ML? I would rather use the dinitrol 1000 due to being transparent, yet it notes that ML is more ideal for older cars when rust may already be present. I am a complete novice and learner when it comes to car restoration and rustproofing so any help and guidance is appreciated. Read more


I have no experience of these but have used Waxoyl over the years with good results.


I've decided against joining the Triumph car club since they don't have a section near me ( Milton Keynes ) and aren't prepared to let me start one.
It's a shame because they would probably have the answer to my question. Does anyone know how many 13/60 estates were built in RHD ?

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Canley classics give a figure of 11,172 for 13/60 estates. No breakdown for LHD/RHD

They were never common though, although I always fancied one.


There's a website called "how many left" - if you google it you will find it. Has the info you are looking for.

bob haynes

Surely the answer is none as there was never a GT6 convertible only a spitfire produced Read more


As the forum's self-appointed Land Rover nerd, just thought i'd make a few corrections to HJ's recent article, ( ) which hopefully he'll appreciate. as we are all here to learn about cars after all. Here goes:

1) "In 2005, the Range Rover had a major facelift, to effectively remove as much of the BMW content as possible. The engines were replaced by Ford-PSA’s 2.7-litre TDV6 diesel" ... Read more


Exactly, the purpose of this thread isn’t to debate whether an L322 is a future classic or even a good buy. Just correcting HJ and hoping he’ll fact check a bit more in future.

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