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Porsche Reviews

Ferdinand Porsche would become famous for the inventing the VW Beetle but, after WW2, his son Ferry joined him in the motoring hall of fame as the man behind the first Porsche sports cars. As they were based on Volkswagens, they had air-cooled rear engines. The 356 was followed by the iconic 911 in 1964, a long-lived legend among supercars.

Later vehicles, such as the 924, 928 and 944, adopted water-cooled front-mounted engines. Porsche today is one of the most successful of all sports car manufacturers, thanks to endless 911 evolution and a willingness to innovate. The firm also carries out research, development and design work for other companies.

Good: Loved by many (and copied by a few), gorgeous looks, fun to drive, even with the lowliest engine. Great specialist support.
Bad: Some parts are horrendously expensive, so make sure your car is complete.
Good: An icon that just gets better with age
Bad: These pre-impact bumper 911s have long since stopped being an affordable bargain.
Good: It looks like a 911
Bad: It goes like a tuned Beetle
Good: A cheaper way into '911' ownership
Bad: US-only model
Good: A Porsche with the engine in the correct location - four- and six-cylinder versions both handle sublimely.
Bad: Not quick enough to exploit that chassis, breeze-block styling
Good: Currently the cheapest way into classic Porsche 911 ownership
Bad: Some people don't like the styling
Good: Vivid performance, turbo lag in early models adds excitement, tough as old boots
Bad: Handling is challenging if you're new to 911s
Good: Balanced handling, good build quality, rust-free (ish) from 1981, turbo, and S model both quick and fun
Bad: A bit rough and ready, non S and Turbo models lack performance, victim of badge snobbery, Carrera now getting very expensive
Good: Sounds great, cruises effortlessly, looks timeless, 170mph for the final GTS version
Bad: Expensive to repair and service, values are low, which means many won't survive in the long term
Good: Brilliant handling, torquey and refined engines, brisk performance (fast in the turbos)
Bad: Lots of cheap, tatty versions still around, will take time to be truly appreciated, 944S 16V suffered from fragile valve gear and complicated belt and chain-drive for camshafts.
Good: Fast, fast, fast
Bad: Rather expensive to keep on the road, like all Group B machines.
Good: Fabulous handling, a razor-sharp driver's tool in Clubsport form.
Bad: Expensive in relation to a Porsche 944 S2. 4-speed Tiptronic is slow.
Good: Improved performance, four-wheel drive, 1990s safety features
Bad: Misjudged styling, lacks the drama of earlier cars
Good: Enthusiasts regard it as a seriously good drive.
Bad: Standard model is a bit underpowered. Engine is hard to get at. Serious bore liner problem. Avoid used but unused Boxsters.
Good: You won't confuse it with other 911s, and it's certainly exclusive
Bad: It's also quite pointless

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