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Top 10: Winter 4x4s for £2000

With temperatures falling and another winter nearly upon us, it won’t be long before there’s talk of snow, sleet and generally tough conditions. It’s the time of year when increasing numbers of motorists invest in winter workhorses with which to stay mobile – but what are the best choices if your budget is £2000 and you fancy a 4x4 that’s a bit of a classic?

Happily there are plenty of options, some of them costing not much more than a set of winter tyres for your modern machine. So why not really embrace winter this year – at the wheel of your very own classic 4x4. You know it makes sense…

By Paul Guinness, Contributor

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Alfa Romeo 33 Sportwagon 4x4

Launched in 1983 with the intention of usurping the long-lived Alfasud, the five-door Alfa 33 was a charismatic machine, its distinctive styling being complemented by updated versions of the flat-four ‘boxer’ engine that had given the ’Sud much of its driver appeal. Sadly, though, the 33 wasn’t as gifted as its predecessor in terms of handling and grip.

Things improved when Alfa decided to launch an all-wheel drive version of the 33, with the Sportwagon (estate) derivative being sold here in the UK. Only a handful of survivors exist now, however, so finding one for sale might be tricky…


   on 30 November 2016

I would really love a P38 Rangie. But a good one for £2,000?!?!?! Not in my experience. But it would be magnificent. Driving high, looking down imperiously at all the modern day crossovers, enjoying the comfy leather seating, admiring the walnut veneer whilst driving across your neighbours paddock. It would be absolutely lovely. And then it would break down. Then you will have a £X,000 figure garage bill. You would be slightly less in love with it. But you soldier on and start to love it again. Then a fortnight later, there would be an electrics meltdown. Back to the garage, and another £X,000 bill. The rose tinted spectacles are beginning to fall away. You get nervous when you drive it. It no longer feels quite so special despite the badge and luxury appointments. You hear a noise. What was that? You start to worry. Better take it back to the garage, just to check it. They confirm the worst. And then there's another bill. The used Honda Jazz at the dealership down the road begins to look increasingly attractive. But your heart says, 'yes, but what looks better on the driveway...' And it is a Rangie after all.

Andy Martin    on 12 December 2016

what looks better than a Range on the driveway is not having to sell a kidney to pay the repair costs.
I couldn't agree more!

Actually, even finding any series 3 land rover that wasn't an utter rusting abused total money pit for under £2000 is completely impossible. If anyone has a tidy good nick series 3 for that money please let me know. I'll have it!!

Justincase    on 12 December 2016

What about the Suzuki Jimny?

Helen Drinkwater    on 12 December 2016

I love my P38 T reg Range Rover - and Honest John has just advised me to put another engine in it for £1,500 from my trusted Land Rover engineer rather than spend more money on a newer, high mileage lesser 4x4. The Land Rover/Range Rover badge is hard to replace - aluminium body and made in the UK.

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