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Aston Martin Reviews

Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford built the first Aston Martin in 1914. So called, with the ‘Aston’ coming from the Aston Clinton hillclimb. From modest beginnings grew one of Britain’s best-loved and prestigious sports car manufacturers. The golden era for Aston Martin began in 1948 when industrialist David Brown took control of the company; the iconic DB series cars were fast, beautiful, desirable and expensive.

After Brown sold up in 1972, Aston Martin had a number of owners while the V8 model remained the backbone of the company's output and kept it afloat. Ford’s takeover in 1987 led to a new direction, as well as a period of stability and expanded model range with cars such as the DB7 and Vanquish. In 2007, the struggling US giant sold Aston
Martin, as part of its Premier Auto Group, to a British-led consortium.

Good: Aston Martin's defining sports coupe, well-engineered, fast and good-looking, brilliant factory and specialist support
Bad: Expensive to maintain and restore
Good: Gorgeous looks, ample performance (especially in GT form), and a very tidy investment prospect
Bad: Keeping it pristine and properly maintained may limit your enjoyment
Good: It's the car from James Bond
Bad: It's the car from James Bond
Good: The friendliest of all of the original DB series Aston Martins to drive, usefully cheaper than a DB4 or DB5
Bad: Kamm-tailed styling not universally liked by the fraternity
Good: Great styling, and a very cool image; V8 engine a masterpiece
Bad: Those looking for old-school sporting Aston Martin thrills might be disappointed
Good: Brawny in Vantage form, with an amazing soundtrack; fabulous factory back-up - at a price
Bad: Thirst and profligacy
Good: No other saloons look like the Lagonda; appealing combination of coupe-like dynamics, and saloon-style interior room
Bad: Electronics systems are frightfully complex to put right
Good: Exclusive and a welcome return of the Aston-Zagato
Bad: Challenging styling - you either love or hate the 1980s Zagato
Good: A new style, but with all the old charm - and that V8 engine
Bad: They've not found their place in classic Aston Martin history books yet
Good: Good looking, affordable, fast - and impressive badge kudos
Bad: Some build and reliability issues, some have slipped out of the specialist servicing net