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Wolseley Reviews

The Wolseley Sheep Shearing Company decided to experiment with cars in 1895 and brought in Herbert Austin as designer. He left in 1906 to start his own company, but Wolseley persisted until 1927, when it went bankrupt and was purchased by William Morris. He positioned Wolseley as a luxury marque, and many boasted Wolseley’s lively overhead-cam engine during the 1930s to mark them out from the Morris cars they were based on.

Post-war rationalisation reduced most of the marque’s output to better-equipped Austins or Morrises; there was even a Mini variant called the Hornet. The Wolseley illuminated grille badge was extinguished forever in 1975.

Good: Good to drive, and far nicer engine than the equivalent Morris Oxford MO
Bad: Weird mix of styles
Good: Smooth and regal to drive
Bad: That Wolseley front looks even weirder when lengthened on the Minor-esque styling
Good: Lovely to look at, and sweet to drive
Bad: Positively sluggish, but eminently tuneable
Good: Looks good, elegantly styled, dignified and well-appointed interior, a slice of 1950s British executive saloon at its very best
Bad: Some handling worries, but on modern tyres they're easily overcome.
Good: Drives like a Morris Minor - but quicker, nice interior with wood and leather fittings
Bad: Unlike the Morris some parts are difficult to get hold of, especially body panels
Good: Elegant, large British saloon, with pace and well-trimmed interior.
Bad: Heavy on fuel, heavy to drive without PAS
Good: B-Series engine, good parts and specialist support, nice and luxurious interior, cossetting ride
Bad: Woolly steering, vague roadholding, sluggish
Good: Like a Mini, but with a nicer interior, improved underbonnet access, cute rear end
Bad: Some might say it's a bit pointless
Good: Excellent driver just like all 1100/1300s, comfortable, well-appointed, and cheap to run
Bad: Rust is a big killer so watch for poorly executed repairs
Good: Accurate front-wheel drive roadholding and steering, huge cabin, smooth six-cylinder engine
Bad: Styling divides opinions, questionable interior ergonomics
Good: Supremely comfortable, masses of room, great styling, smooth six-cylinder engine
Bad: E6-Series engine can be fragile, Hydragas displacers and brake calipers - among many parts and body panels - now difficult to get hold of.