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Rolls-Royce Reviews

The partnership of engineer Henry Royce and rich gentleman Charles Rolls resulted in the 1906 formation of the world’s most prestigious marque. The Silver Ghost was dubbed ‘The best car in the world’ and RR tried to stick to this creed with all subsequent models. Magnificent leviathans followed, each unstinting in their luxury and price. The post-war Silver Cloud models were perhaps the zenith of RR ’s accomplishments, but the succeeding Silver Shadow became a common sight because so many were built.

Nationalised amid financial woes in 1971, the company was sold off again in 1973. BMW and Volkswagen competed to buy it in 1998, with BMW the eventual winner (VW got Bentley). The 21st century Rolls-Royces are assembled at Goodwood, and are perhaps the most financially successful models in the marque's history.

Good: Stately and very clearly a pre-war luxury car - in full-size
Bad: Straight-six engine struggled to pull this car along convincingly, no longer really deserved the 'best car in the world' epithet
Good: A more compact Rolls-Royce for those who don't want the full-scale Silver Wraith, great club and specialist support
Bad: Still large and unweidy, steel bodies far from immune to rust
Good: Even better to drive than before thanks to power steering, elegant and timeless in saloon form
Bad: Six-cylinder engine now feeling not-quite-up-to-the-job
Good: Gets you in to all the best places
Bad: You need garage the size of Belgium to berth it
Good: Excellent V8 really works well in this car, timeless styling improved by the quad-headlamp arrangement of the Mk3 car
Bad: Low values don't reflect how special these cars are, restoration often economically unviable
Good: Lots to choose from, low values, excellent build quality
Bad: Rust is an issue, and if you use regularly expect less than exemplary reliability... and then there's the monumental thirst
Good: The Queen has one... or two
Bad: Slightly less roomy than Buckingham Palace
Good: Looks great and is totally timeless - in the right colour, genuinely sybaritic open-topped motoring for four, looks great in London or the South of France
Bad: Can rust, not utterly reliable, although later cars were better in that respect, usual warnings about running costs and fuel consumption
Good: Love-it-or-hate-it vogueish Pininfarina styling, ample lounging room for four, effortless cruising with all the creature comforts of a luxury saloon
Bad: Exclusivity but at too high a price.
Good: Great value, super-large, super-comfortable classic that you could - if you were were rich enough - run every day
Bad: Watch out for rusty, abused, neglected examples - there are too many out there
Good: Ostentation and luxury served up in a traditional package.
Bad: Outdated feel. Parts becoming hard to find. Other luxury cars offer so much more for so much less.