Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit and Silver Spur (1980 – 1995) Review

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit and Silver Spur (1980 – 1995) At A Glance


+Great value, super-large, super-comfortable classic that you could - if you were were rich enough - run every day

-Watch out for rusty, abused, neglected examples - there are too many out there

The 1980 British Motor Show had three stars - the Ford Escort Mk3, Austin Metro, and this, the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit. Rather like the Metro, the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit was really a clever rebody of the outgoing Silver Shadow - brought up to date with a little more power, and more angular styling that reflected design fashions... of 1978. Yes, it really does look like an upscaled Ford Cortina.

Although it failed to move the motoring world on one iota, the Silver Spirit remained wonderfully cossetting to drive, and to ride in, and sold perfect well through some tough times. The 1989 Silver Spirit II update added fuel injection, more power, anti-lock brakes and a revised interior. the III and IV were further subtle upgrades to an increasingly aged car. In 1994, the Flying Spur was added to the range, complete with Bentley-esque turbocharging, creating an agreeable final flourish for the 'Spirit.

The Silver Spur was a long-wheelbase offshoot and outlasted the short-wheelbase car on which it was based.

Ask Honest John

How much is a 1991 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit worth?

"Could you please advise on the value of a 1991 Rolls Silver Spirit with 79,000 miles? "
I'm afraid the difference between a good one and rough one is huge on these cars. We'd expect to see a really good one at a dealer for almost £20k, while a good one for sale privately could fetch about £15k. One that's in need of some TLC is about £7k while a project... well that could be as little as £2500. Hopefully, these example prices will give you a rough idea of where yours sits - the next thing to do is look at current examples for sale and price yours accordingly.
Answered by Keith Moody
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