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Mini Reviews

The first BMC Minis were badged as Austins and Morrises, but, from the MkIII variant in 1969, Mini was launched as a marque in its own right, albeit solely responsible for the cars after which it was named; the original Alec Issigonis invention as well as the Clubman and Cooper variants. Largely unappreciated during the 1970s, this once most-basic of machines moved upmarket in the 1980s when it became cemented in the British national psyche.

The last classic Mini was built in 2000 – after 41 years of continuous manufacture – and BMW now uses MINI as a badge for its British-built entry-level cars. The popularity of these should ensure the name continues well into the future.

Good: It's a Mini, and all that encompasses
Bad: Slow, rusty, noisy and uncomfortable
Good: Good to drive, rally-winning kudos
Bad: Getting too valuable to have genuine fun in
Good: Low-key looks, higher performance than the standard Mini-Cooper
Bad: First Mini-Cooper S is not as fast as you might expect
Good: Revvier and more fun than the 1071S
Bad: Even rarer...
Good: The definitive fast classic Mini - and just as just as the rest of them
Bad: The usual - bumpy, noisy and uncomfortable. And a few rust issues. Mainly watch for fakes, though.
Good: Basic fun
Bad: ...For the beach - in warm climes
Good: A great city car, brilliant classic, and huge fun despite limited performance
Bad: Rust, and young cars being passed off as older ones - and badly customised, repaired or repainted examples.
Good: Fun, easy to work on and great to drive
Bad: Not as pretty as a 'classic' Mini
Good: Looks more grown up than the original Mini
Bad: Drives and feel just the same
Good: More grown-up version of an enduring classic
Bad: Late Minis with 13-inch Sports pack wheels and suspension are even more uncomfortable!

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