Mini Cooper 997 and 998 (1961 – 1969) Review

Mini Cooper 997 and 998 (1961 – 1969) At A Glance

+Good to drive, rally-winning kudos

-Getting too valuable to have genuine fun in

Mini creator Alec Issigonis was against the idea of aperformance version. Fortunately, his wishes didn’t prevail, and a legend was born in the 1961 Mini-Cooper, as tweaked by F1 guru John Cooper.

The first cars used a 997cc twin-carb A-series; this was changed for a 998cc unit from 1964. Front disc brakes were standard and Coopers stood out thanks to their two-tone paint schemes and special grilles. Speeds of around 90mph may not have been all-out fast, but it was the Cooper’s handling brilliance that turned it into such a potent rally tool.