Mini Clubman (1969 – 1982) Review

Mini Clubman (1969 – 1982) At A Glance


+Looks more grown up than the original Mini

-Drives and feel just the same

The Clubman was British Leyland's attempt to modernise the Mini on a relatively tight budget. It had originally been intended as a hatchback, but ended up being little more than a smart revamp of the front-end. It was given a higher list price, and marketed as the upmarket Mini - a tactic that actually worked.

The Clubman had a longer, squared-off nose. The interior was enhanced with instruments now in front of the driver instead of in the centre and Hydrolastic suspension was retained until 1971. An estate was available from launch, complete with fake plastic wood trim down the sides. A relatively cheap way into Mini ownership these days.

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Which SUV or small estate should I buy?

"I'm looking to buy a new SUV or small estate that has a flat boot without a lip, with fold-flat rear seats, preferably not a hatchback i.e. the rear door opens like the other car doors. Is there a car like that out there? "
The MINI Clubman is worth a look: The old Suzuki Grand Vitara may also fit the bill: Or the new Land Rover Defender 90:
Answered by Russell Campbell
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