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Gallery: Britain's favourite garaged classics

Spring has begun and many cars are coming out of storage for their owners to enjoy them in the summer months. It's a rite of passage that happens every Easter, a classic car ritual for many owners on an annual basis.

But some cars stay in their garages rather more than others. And with that in mind, we take a look at the classic cars most likely to be registered, but declared off-road on a Statutory Off Road Notificaton (SORN) by their owners. Enjoy our run down of Britain's top 20 garage ornaments. We'll quote two figures: 'always SORN'd', which means the number of cars that don't see a tax disc at all, and the 'seasonally SORN'd', which quotes how many cars get a tax disc at some time during the year... this list makes fascinating reading.

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Talbot Samba, 68.5% always on SORN, 74.8% seasonally SORN'd

The Talbot Samba was an agreeable parts-bin special built up by Peugeot after it took control of Talbot at the very end of 1978. It was very obviously based on the Peugeot 104, but had enough style and character of its own to build up a small but quite loyal following.

Being so flimsy and built and vulnerable to rust, it's not surprising that so many of their owners are reticent about taking them out of their garages...


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