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Gallery: Britain's favourite garaged classics

Spring has begun and many cars are coming out of storage for their owners to enjoy them in the summer months. It's a rite of passage that happens every Easter, a classic car ritual for many owners on an annual basis.

But some cars stay in their garages rather more than others. And with that in mind, we take a look at the classic cars most likely to be registered, but declared off-road on a Statutory Off Road Notificaton (SORN) by their owners. Enjoy our run down of Britain's top 20 garage ornaments. We'll quote two figures: 'always SORN'd', which means the number of cars that don't see a tax disc at all, and the 'seasonally SORN'd', which quotes how many cars get a tax disc at some time during the year... this list makes fascinating reading.

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Talbot Tagora, 75.0% of cars always on SORN, 88.9% seasonally SORN'd

The Talbot Tagora is well-known for being an automotive white elephant, and as a new car it proved unloved during its all-too short production run. It could be argued that it's the same story in the classic car world - there are very few left, and during certain times of the year, nearly 90 per cent of the existing examples lay dormant in their owners' garages.

Which is a sad, but accurate microcosm for the fortunes of Talbot, especially compared with owner Peugeot's early ambitions for it.


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