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A Grand Monday: Ford Focus Millennium

Published 01 May 2017

The year 2000 - the start of a brave new world, as the clock ticked over from second to third millennium, thankfully with no unwelcome intervention from our computers going crazy, wiping out markets and triggering nuclear wars.

As the world had failed to go into meltdown as a result of the much-hyped 'Millennium Bug', we could afford to concentrate on things that were a little more trivial. In Ford Motor Company's case, it was to launch a range of celebratory models in a one-off hue called Millennium Yellow. Quite why they chose the bold banana shade for the 1000-per model limited editions of Ka, Focus and Puma is anyone's guess, but they're certainly distinctive.

What's more, because Fords of this era were, sadly, somewhat rust-prone, survival rates are already lean. There are (according to DVLA records) less than 300 of the 1000 or so Focus Millenniums built that are still on the road, for example. And most of those are probably dangling perilously close to the edge in shoestring banger territory. After all, a 17-year old car in the same colour as a Morrisons delivery van isn't really going to have that much pent-up demand to satisfy.

To the initiated, though, the Focus Millennium is an interesting package. Based on the range-topping 2.0 -litre Ghia, the yellow peril is well equipped: black leather, heated seats, a high-end stereo, cruise control, climate control. You name it, it's there.

Ford Focus (5)

It's also something of a curio. A special edition that was built in strictly limited numbers (internet wisdom suggests 1007 in total, to allow for Ford's press demonstrators), it will one day attract its own level of 'Ford tax'. For example, a Mk1 Mondeo Si in the even bolder hue of Citrine Yellow is quite a collectable thing these days, and was built in similar numbers.

It's also a great car to drive. If you're looking for a useable family car that will not only do everything you need it to do, but also prove itself to be a thoroughly rewarding drive, you've found it.

This example is about as good as you'll get for an old Focus. 60,000 miles with a full service history, seemingly rot-free and immaculately presented. 

Yes, it's a Mk 1 Focus, and yes, they're still a common (though increasingly less common) sight on our roads. But this is a Ford that deserves to be preserved for future generations, and will very soon be recognised as an era-defining classic, and in this trim level, one of the more unusual and collectable. At £800, it's well worth a look.

Ford Focus (3)


Simon Edwards    on 8 May 2017

£800 well worth alook its now advertised at £1495

Diane Nazar    on 26 July 2019

Hi, I have one of these, I've owned it since May 2002, and I can honestly say, it has never once let me down. I have every MOT, and receipt for it. Sadly I feel the time has come to part with it, merely because of the ULEZ and road tax costs.

It's number 399. I'm torn about whether to keep it or scrap it, seems such a shame as it's in excellent condition. The rear passenger seats are like new as I very rearly carry people in the back.

Any suggestions?


Leighton adamson    on 15 December 2019

Hi hope u still have this car I am in the market it for one please let me know if u still have kind regards Leighton adamson

Pj180e    on 5 February 2020

Just to let you know that I bought this Focus.

Edited by Pj180e on 13/02/2020 at 17:39

Leighton adamson    on 15 February 2020

Hi do u still have it what number is it I have one to its 120 mine

Pj180e    on 16 February 2020

Hi Leighton, yes, I still have it, it is number 399 and very clean & tidy.



Leighton adamson    on 28 June 2020

Hi hope still have your focus millennium I still own mine kind regards Leighton adamson

Kieran Kemp    on 14 January 2020

Hi I have one of these and I’m wondering how to tell which number it is? Any help? Thanks

Leighton adamson    on 22 January 2020

Hi there the number is on a badge above the gearstick

Millennium 498    on 2 October 2022

Has anyone else had an issue with water coming into the boot? I’ve sealed behind the tail lights, all around the rear hydraulics, and replaced the seal. Still seams to be leaking and I’m starting to think it’s leaking from the seam that runs along the roof near the rear of the car.

Any ideas? ??

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