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Morgan Reviews

Morgan started out building three-wheelers in 1909, and tapped such a rich seam of success that it continued building evolutions of it until 1952... and then re-introduced the 3Wheeler in 2011.  From 1936, Morgan moved into four-wheeled cars and showed a stubborn resistance to depart from its formula. Its handbuilt creations had very traditional pre-war-style wood-framed bodywork featuring a variety of modern engines.

Its most famous model is the Plus 8, built from 1968 to 2004 with Rover’s V8 engine. Still an eccentric British institution, but with more modern high-tech engineering under its new models' individual styling, Morgan seems resistant to economic downturns, and continues to run a healthy waiting list for its new cars. As for the classics - they more often than not, don't go for sale, but get passed from generation to generation.

Good: English roadster that's utterly timeless, and there's a four seater version as well (really two plus two children)
Bad: Uncomfortable and uncompromising
Good: Ford power for the 4/4 meant a lower price than the old Triumph-engined model
Bad: The most difficult aspect of wanting a Morgan is finding one
Good: Beautiful looks, trusted mechanicals, it might have not been wanted in the '60s but it's ultra-desirable today.
Bad: Expensive and rare - and rather cramped
Good: Rover V8 power gave the Morgan genuinely engaging and rapid performance
Bad: Ride and interior comfort remained non-existent
Good: More power for the entry-level Morgan makes it a far more useable classic car today
Bad: The usual Morgan ones: it's not been built for comfort and practicality
Good: Traditional Morgan with larger 4-cylinder engine, usually 2.0 litres. 2 seats or 4 seats.
Bad: Same archaic suspension as other traditional Morgans, pus the thread of dry rot as well as rust.