Morgan 4/4 and 4/4 1600 (1968 – 1991) Review

Morgan 4/4 and 4/4 1600 (1968 – 1991) At A Glance


+More power for the entry-level Morgan makes it a far more useable classic car today

-The usual Morgan ones: it's not been built for comfort and practicality

A seriously updated Morgan 4/4 was launched alongside the Plus 8 in 1968, taking a number of features from that car. It was the right car at the right time, because for increasingly affluent car buyers, the rather austere and underpowered old 4/4 had been looking a little bit out of its depth for some years.

With the new range of 4/4 and Plus 8, people understood exactly what they were getting - four or eight cylinders. There was nothing wrong with the way the new 4/4 went. Morgan fitted the crossflow Ford Kent engine, boosting power to a more useable 74bhp. It remained available in this form until 1982, when the Ford CVH used in the front-wheel-drive Escort was dropped in to create the 4/4 1600. This move improved power and economy, if not refinement.

What does a Morgan 4/4 and 4/4 1600 (1968 – 1991) cost?