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Morgan Plus 4 (1950 - 1970)

Last updated 3 February 2017

English roadster that's utterly timeless, and there's a four seater version as well (really two plus two children)
Uncomfortable and uncompromising
were produced
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The Morgan Plus 4 and 4/4 four seaters added a further dimension to the models, by giving them room for four. They had a four-inch stretch to its wheelbase, making room for that second row of seats. It was a wise move for the Malvern carmaker, as it opened up the appeal of these vintage sports cars to those with small families.

It was still clearly a 1930s sports car, but throughout the years, it received updates and upgrades as the cars that donated their engines and gearboxes evolved. A move to hydraulically assisted brakes was a welcome move, as was the lightly restyled front end, which is still in place pretty much unchanged into the 21st century. During its 19-year run, it went through a 2.1-litre Standard Vanguard engine before moving to a Triumph TR2 engine. Front disc brakes were finally fitted as standard in 1961, which was a good thing, as the final TR4 engined models were genuine 100mph cars.