Morgan 4/4 Series 2-5 (1955 – 1968) Review

Morgan 4/4 Series 2-5 (1955 – 1968) At A Glance


+Ford power for the 4/4 meant a lower price than the old Triumph-engined model

-The most difficult aspect of wanting a Morgan is finding one

The Morgan 4/4 had been in production before and after WW2, but dropped out of production with the launch if the Plus 4 in 1950. However, after a hiatus of four years, the 4/4 was put back into production due to customer demand. In the meantime it received a number of important changes.

The number of TR2 engines used in the Plus 4 models was being restricted by Triumph so Morgan turned to Ford to use the cheap and readily available 1172cc side-valve engine to create the new entry-level model. The wheelbase of the 4/4 was standardised with the Plus 4, thus streamlining production. And between 1950 and '70 it evolved gently - the Series IV had a widened, better looking body, disc brakes and a larger Ford 1340cc engine, and was seriously desirable for pre-war car fans.

Ask Honest John

I'm selling my 1939 Morgan to a German buyer - do I fill out the V5C as usual?

"I'm about to sell my 1939 Morgan to someone in Germany. Are there any problems doing this? Will I have to fill out the V5C as usual? What about the number plate, which is original, can that go to Germany or has this got to stay in the UK?"
You need to fill out section 11 of the V5C (notification of permanent export) and return that to DVLA - the new keeper gets the rest of the V5C as they will need that to register the car in Germany. The usual warnings about making sure funds have cleared before handing over the keys apply. There are lots of vehicles leaving the UK at the moment because of the current exchange rate.
Answered by Keith Moody
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