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Morgan 4/4 Series 2-5 (1955 - 1968)

Last updated 27 March 2013

Ford power for the 4/4 meant a lower price than the old Triumph-engined model
The most difficult aspect of wanting a Morgan is finding one


The Morgan 4/4 had been in production before and after WW2, but dropped out of production with the launch if the Plus 4 in 1950. However, after a hiatus of four years, the 4/4 was put back into production due to customer demand. In the meantime it received a number of important changes.

The number of TR2 engines used in the Plus 4 models was being restricted by Triumph so Morgan turned to Ford to use the cheap and readily available 1172cc side-valve engine to create the new entry-level model. The wheelbase of the 4/4 was standardised with the Plus 4, thus streamlining production. And between 1950 and '70 it evolved gently - the Series IV had a widened, better looking body, disc brakes and a larger Ford 1340cc engine, and was seriously desirable for pre-war car fans.